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Technology is revolutionising every industry today by introducing new and more innovative ways of doing things. Packaging processes are some of those benefiting in a large way from innovation. Packaging, especially in the supply chain is gaining tremendously by using robotics to do most of the work. With robot manufactures like Universal Robots providing the best and most flexible collaborative robots in the market for packaging processes, the industry can only get better. While a palletizing robot can carry out all the packaging duties, there are robotic arms specially made for packaging only.

In the past, the packaging industry was a preserve of human workers. With the proliferation of robotic arms in the industry, a lot has changed. The relations between robots and humans have strengthened and the realisation that the industry needs robots to work alongside humans is finally an acceptable solution in many packaging industries. Robotic packaging comes with several benefits.

Benefits of robotic packaging

·        Flexibility

One of the major benefits from the robots is flexibility. Robots are able to sort and pack a variety of products in many different boxes. They are easy to program to suit every situation. If the boxes are heavy, the gripping system of the robots can change to accommodate the weight. If the items are light, smaller arms can take control of the sorting and packing. If the products need to be placed in high places, the arms can adjust to reach the heights. They all come with advanced sensors that make it easy to carry out any kind of job.

·        Fast

You cannot begin to compare the speed of robots to that of the human workforce. One robot can take on work that would need more than ten personnel to carry out. They have advanced intelligence that enables them to do everything fast and accurately.

·        Cost saving

Robots can sort and pack for 24/7 all year round without taking a break. Breaks cost the companies money because of rehiring and employing casual labour to fill the vacant places. With robots, you save on wages and salaries. Other overheads incurred especially when there is a downtime go down.

·        Reduces monotony

Carrying out one task repeatedly everyday can become monotonous. Monotony leads to boredom and lack of interest for the job. This can also be very demotivating. Robots can take over the monotonous jobs without complaining and relieve the human workers to take on other tasks that are less boring. Since the robots are fully automated, the humans can take on jobs that need no automation.

·        Precision

In many cases, humans are very prone to errors. There is always the possibility of packing the wrong contents into a box that does not belong. This problem goes down with the use of robots because they are designed to be precise and accurate. It is hard for a robot to pack contents into the wrong case and almost every item packaged by robots goes through the final inspection successfully

·        Less contamination

Working with robots reduces the risk of contamination in the work place. They environment around the workplace is clean thus ensuring a better quality control process

·        Safety

Some of the materials that go through the packaging processes are hazardous and harmful. For humans to carry out the work effectively, they need to wear protective gear and be always careful on what they handle. With robots, you do not need any protective gear. The risks go down and you save the company from spending money on treating accident cases.

Wrapping it up

Packaging robots and palletising robots among other automation innovations alter everything in the industry. This is from the design to the quality of the packaging. Productivity goes up, safety becomes a priority and there is a clean working environment all around. Collaborative robots from Universal Robots, which are a big hit in packaging industries work well alongside humans and will not at any time render the human workforce obsolete. They are flexible and affordable.

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