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Whether you were interested in The Royal Wedding or not, there’s no doubt that it was an event impossible to escape.  In fact, People Magazine reported that an astounding 2 billion people watched the wedding on TV.  And for the next decade, we will witness hints of the fairytale wedding at events around the world – in fashion, jewelry, flowers, transportation, etc.   


Here are a few of the ways that you could have benefited from all of the hype.

  1. The Royal Wedding could have increased your Google rankings.  If you blogged about the event or if you wrote about it on your website, then it’s likely that you captured the attention of potential customers and positioned yourself as an in-the-know industry thought leader.  But what you may not have realized is that as millions of people were searching for info on this hot topic, you might have also increased your chances of appearing at the top of the search engines.  This holds true for any wedding-related pop culture event.  So, don’t feel like you have to wait for the next royal wedding.  Instead, stay on top of upcoming celebrity weddings (i.e. Kate Hudson, Brad Womack – The Bachelor, etc.) and be sure to write your expert opinion about those events on your website and/or blog.
  2. The Royal Wedding could have grabbed your Facebook fans’ (plus their friends’) attention.  Royal Wedding or not – on a daily basis, you should try to post engaging questions or content on your Facebook business page in order to get free exposure for your business.  I consider content to be engaging if it delivers valuable/helpful information to your fans and if it encourages your fans to Like or Comment on the content.  Once your fans Like or Comment on your posts, then their friends will also see your business in their News Feed.  Better yet - Facebook recently launched a new feature where you can sort your News Feed by ‘Most Popular’ or most Liked posts.  Since The Royal Wedding or other wedding-related pop culture events are hot topics (and more Likeable), these topics increase your chances of rising to the top of thousands of people’s News Feeds.  Again, this results in free exposure for your business. 
  3. The Royal Wedding could have enabled you to show up in Twitter searches.  Just as millions of people were searching for info about The Royal Wedding on Google, they were also following the conversations about #RoyalWedding on Twitter.  Tweeting about the event would have been another free way to put your business in the spotlight. 


It’s no wonder why I wrote about The Royal Wedding on BridalTweet’s homepage and why I ran a Royal Wedding Twitter Party.  And it’s no wonder why I’m writing this blog post :).  (I’m helping you and improving BridalTweet’s search engine results – all at the same time!)


So, if you missed out on this opportunity, no need to worry.  There are plenty of other celebrity weddings in the very near future.  Use those upcoming events as opportunities to gain free exposure.  What wedding business tips can you share about The Royal Wedding?  Please comment below. 


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Comment by Sophia Buenfil on May 9, 2011 at 11:42am

Bridal Showplace held a contest for couples asking why they should win their own royal wedding.  The chosen couple had a beautiful ceremony and reception held at our May 1 Bridal Show at The Sky Room in Long Beach, CA with lots of media covering.

Comment by Danielle Martin-Cicero on May 10, 2011 at 11:45am
thats a wonderful prize for the lucky winners!  I loved going to the Sky Room when I lived in Long Beach, Kudos!

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