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Sage Wedding Pros, creators of The Simple Plan, are proud to present The People Plan!

What is The People Plan?

  • The People Plan is a collection of EASY-PEASY HIRING and TRAINING tools.
  • The People Plan is your human resources department in a box.
  • The People Plan is everything you need to add an individual or team to your business.

The People Plan is No-Sweat, No-Fuss, Piece-of-Cake, Easy-Peasy Human Resources for your small business!

What does it include?  It includes a 56-page book and over 20 digital files (templates, checklists, forms, etc) which will assist you in:

  • PREPARING to hire... are you ready? how much will it cost? what is at-will? what is exempt? non-expect? equal opportunity employment?
  • FINDING an employee... how to find the good ones.
  • INTERVIEWING candidates... how to make a MATCH, what to look for, how to interview, what to ask, what you CANNOT legally ask.
  • HIRING a superstar!... hiring checklist, making an offer, tax forms galore, immigration requirements.
  • TRAINING your team... processes, checklists, mentoring.
  • MANAGING like a leader... being a good manager, conflict resolution, employee reviews, paying taxes, terminating an employee.

Who are Sage Wedding Pros?

Michelle Loretta and Kelly Simants teamed up in 2009 to develop Sage Wedding Pros, a business blog with daily tools and best practices for small business owners in the wedding industry. Shortly thereafter the two launched The Simple Plan, an easy-peasy approach to business planning. Today, they consult and speak to wedding professionals on how to build a successful and sustainable business. They pride themselves on going beyond theory and arming business owners with the tools to excel. Their national networking events, Thursday Therapy, bring wedding pros together to meet, mingle and share in a casual and welcoming environment.

Michelle loves blending her past as an accounting and finance nerd, sales vixen, and stationery entrepreneur to consult and coach wedding professionals throughout the world. Kelly infuses her career history of human resources, organizational design, and wedding planning to guide and teach business owners on how to create a solid and smart company.

With The People Plan, Michelle and Kelly have created and compiled everything you need to bring on an employee or team of individuals. They have taken the work out of interviewing and screening candidates so that you can find your SUPERSTAR. They guide you through the legal differences between interns, contractors, and employees. They make calculating payroll and taxes a breeze. They've compiled the sea of IRS and immigration forms so that you don't have to. They give you clear-cut details on what it means to be non-exempt, exempt, at-will, and an equal opportunity employer. They've created shortcuts - like calculations, templates and worksheets - to use in your business. They also share lessons on how to mentor and lead your employees... and, even a little insight if conflict arises.

It's everything you need to hire, manage, and train employees... all at your fingertips!

Learn more about The People Plan at:

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