As couples are going along in their wedding planning process (hopefully with a wedding planner!!) there comes a point when they realized they are over extended in their budget.  Meaning they're going OVER BUDGET based on their decisions.

I've had couples who come to me with such great ideas, are determine to serve alcohol, want more than a three course seated dinner or have their mind set on a specific vendor (who is overly popular therefore $$$$uniquely$$$$ priced) that starts to make the budget shake a bit.  I can advise them against certain things, try to stir them in different directions, or just alter the decision whereas is more cost-effective only based on the budget number they've given me during the beginning of our planning.

So when all that doesn't work my next strategy which I initially give advise about early on, I revisit the guest list count.  That's right when all else fails.......Cut the Guest-List!!

The best thing any couple can do is trim down their wedding budding budget, is to first cut the guest-list.  Please understand, that more people mean more food, liquor, invitations, wedding programs, and flowers. Do you get the picture?!! You should only invite your closet family and friends and have an intimate wedding that ALL will enjoy and YOU can afford!
Here’s a simple formula/flowchart to remember when creating your list: more guests = more money spent. Seems pretty simple right? For some couples it really isn't because they're so afraid they're going to hurt someones feeling or just truly want everyone they know to witness their special day. Budget and guest list go hand-in hand, so set rules for yourself concerning plus one "& guest", kids being invited to the reception, don't ever add "& family". You need to be specific, so take the time to check (and double check!) your list and avoid inviting every “friend” on your Facebook friend list.

Happy Planning
De’Vonda J. Manning
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