How many times have brides over the years gone into the bridal salon and felt pressured by the clerk to buy a certain dress. Watching my fave show, say yes to the dress, well i am sad to say, has that mentality...Love you Randy even though it seems true.

Every business is out for themselves and every bride is out there to find the perfect dress. There must be a solution to all this. A compromise of sorts. Recently while I was out with my bride to see her dress, I was dismayed at the three brides that were in the parking lot saying that they couldn't believe the sales clerk in the store.

They were rude, not helpful and pushy. I didn't think that could be as I have only heard good things about this store. My sister bought her first wedding gown there, off the rack, she bought my nieces first communion gown there...I still couldn't believe what my ears were hearing.

This was going to be my first time in this hallowed halls of bridaldome....I was excited. Not only am I getting a peak at my brides dress but to see the shop inside instead of outside. I walked in feeling a giddy inside...then it happened.

They talk about bridezilla??? Meet shopkeeperzilla!!! I found none of the clerks in there smiling, helpful to the brides, as a matter of fact, it was hard to see who was who....The clerk took my bride to her fitting room, I followed and my foot god forbid hit the white cloth on the my bride had already walked all over it with her shoes but me, I stepped on it and she bit my head off....

We put the gown on, she was disappointed in the fit. So the clerk comes in and hooks her up with the big heavy duty cable holders....voila!! perfect fit but where is the clerk. She disappeared. We never saw her the rest of the time we were there. She just left us!!!

Where is the customer service gone??? All the other clerks were just walking around like robots. My bride, she got out of her dress with my help and took it out to the cash to buy it. Again, waiting for someone to take her money. There was a clerk right at the counter ignoring her. She pays for the dress finally. She is storing it there because it will be almost a year before she needs it. She asks a simple question only to have the clerk say it won't happen.

Well, floods, fire and damage do happen in a business. Not always mind you but you can't say it will never happen because so far to date it hasn't. The clerk was rude, snotty and made her feel bad for asking a simple question. Who is responsible if the dress gets damaged while it is in storage at the store??

I ask you store owners and clerks....these women are plunking down lots of money for their dream dress, do they not deserve courtesy? The fastest way to no commission is to be rude to someone. I know, I worked in retail. Never on commission but just the fact that you think you are better than the bride doesn't necessarily make you better.

Maybe it is me, because I have run into this with other vendors who have been in business for years. If you are tired of it, don't feel you need the business, I think maybe it is time to close up business and do something else. They are spending lots of money and deserve a bit of your time.

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