South Padre Beach Wedding Planning: How to get it done from a distance



Here are some of our tried and true tips for putting together one hot Beach wedding without losing your cool.


Have you ever seen a photo of a secluded strip of beach -- where the water is turquoise and there are only a few travelers who seem to be in the know -- and thought to yourself, "Where is that?" If you're looking for postcard-worthy beaches, here on south padre we have spots where you won't have to jostle for a place to lay your towel.


A beach wedding is an exotic fantasy shared by many, but you need not hop on a plane and jet off to some faraway destination to experience it -- the tropical tip of Texas has plenty of its own gorgeous beaches that will make your Oceanside nuptials a breeze and no passport is required.



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As if planning a dinner party for 200 people isn't enough work, you had to throw the beach element into it too! Everyone thinks you're crazy for planning a South Padre Beach wedding outdoors with the threat of unpredictable weather. Imagine how surprised they'll be when you pull it off without a hitch. It's definitely possible -- you just need to start planning right away. Here's is the one web site you need .

Do Your Homework.
Get a handle on things early on by doing research. Know the climate of your destination; look into alternate locations in case of inclement weather; find out if you need a permit to hold your ceremony and reception on site; and figure out other regulations. Don't procrastinate -- you might have limited time to assemble all of the paperwork necessary to make this happen. When it comes to planning a beach wedding, the bottom line is: You need to be twice as organized as your average couple. We can do it all for you at Beach Bride Guides of South Padre. Our Motto is just bring the dress-We do all the rest!

Distance: A Good Thing?
You may not have many beaches close to home –We can and do handle every detail by email and video tours and photos of 9 years of events we have handled on South Padre- or maybe your just a few hours away where you can getaway to visit with us.. Believe it or not, the distance can make you more decisive. How? You've got a strict time frame to work within, and simply don't have the time to travel back and forth to multiple destinations. Believe it or not, you'll find that if you give yourselves one weekend to find a reception site, you'll find one right here on South Padre Island Texas

Don't procrastinate call or visit us on line at Beach Bride Guides of South Padre-- you might have limited time to reserve your day and location and assemble all of the necessary paperwork.

Wedding Gear
Beach weddings come with stuff (the guest book, the vases for your sand ceremony, amenities baskets, and much more), and getting that stuff to your wedding location and keeping things organized can be a challenge. The easier it is to set up once you arrive at the site, the smoother the day will go, so pack smart. Use lightweight plastic bins or luggage with wheels for easy access onto the sand. As far as wedding gifts, if you've got a ton to take home, maybe you can assign the task of loading them up and fed ex them for you -- and even dropping them off at your home. And make sure you work out all of this before the wedding.

A lot of people will give you cash as a wedding gift -- and that's great (hey, it packs light). But even monetary gifts need to be considered ahead of time. It's easy for things to disappear when you're outside without a proper place to store them. Ask a trusted family member or someone in the wedding party to keep track of envelopes. Or look for a pretty decorative box to place beside your guest book -- just make sure it locks. While we're sure you trust your guests, there might be strangers milling around if your wedding is on a public beach.

Finishing Touches
With a beach wedding it can feel like you have twice as much to plan for your guests, but don't forget to plan for yourselves. Brides: Book your hair and makeup far in advance so that you and your stylist can find a look that will work in hot or humid weather. (Grooms, be sure you get a haircut before the wedding too. And wear sunscreen!) Of all the things on your list, make your aisle-ready look a high priority. No matter how many people rave about how smoothly everything went, all you'll really want to hear is how great you looked!

Etiquette: Top 10 Beach Wedding Q+A

We've got answers to our most-asked beach wedding questions.


Q. We're doing a sand ceremony at our beach wedding, and I want to use my grandmother's vase. What's the best way to pack it so I can transport it safely to the beach?
A. Using an heirloom or other meaningful possession is a great way to give your sand ceremony even more of a personal touch. Be sure to take every precaution to make sure nothing happens to it on the way to or from the wedding. We offer sand vases with a seal for transporting that precious part of your beach memories and we recommend you include small strips of paper with your vows to each other scribbled on them along with a small sea shell you each have found from the area of your wedding.
Pack the vase in bubble wrap, and, if you're putting it inside a box or other container, make sure the vase fits snug so that it doesn't wobble around. You can even pack the vase in your suitcase and cushion it with clothing for extra protection.
: Once the vase is filled with sand, taking it home requires a different tact. First, place a piece of plastic wrap tightly over the top and secure with a rubber band. If you've used colored sand to create a pattern, you'll want to make sure it doesn't get shaken up. In this case, creating a Styrofoam frame to secure the vase is your best bet. When transporting the sand-filled vase, be sure to position it upright in a box or shopping bag and secure it so the vase won't tip over. If by chance the sand does get slightly shaken, consider it a metaphor for your marriage: The more time goes by, the more you and your new spouse will blend together!

Q. We're honeymooning in the same place as our beach wedding, and many of our guests will be staying as well. How can we make sure we get enough alone time after the wedding, even though some guests will still be around?

A. Guests will most likely realize that as newlyweds, you'll want and need a certain amount of privacy following the wedding. The situation, however, does lend itself to some potentially awkward moments. If possible, switch hotels after the wedding to avoid run-ins or requests to hang out. We work with some of the best places for beachfront accommodations on South Padre and can help make this happen with ease.  If you're staying at a resort as part of a package deal, you may just have to grin and bear it. Offer to do a post wedding brunch or beach day with the remaining guests, but make it clear that you'll be unavailable afterward. Some people might need a little help getting the hint, but no one can fault you for wanting to spend time alone with your new spouse!

Q. Is it possible to hold a Catholic ceremony on a beach?
A. This is an instance in which you'll need to check with your particular church or priest. Some very strict Catholic officials believe a wedding should only be held inside a church to show respect to where the faith community gathers. Others believe a wedding is more about two people making a lifelong commitment, in which case, they should be married in the place that makes them most happy. Talk it over with your Officiant to see where he stands and decide what's best for you. We do not offer a Catholic service but what many have done is go ahead and have the Catholic service and then come to the beach for a sort of reenactment for our cameras and your invited guests and let one of your family or friends stand in as your Officiant since the legal part has already been taken care of. 

Q. This might be an odd question to ask, but where will guests be able to use the restroom if we have our reception on the beach?
A. It can be an uncomfortable question to ask, but it's a necessary one. Public beaches usually have restrooms, but they likely won't offer the kind of ambience you want for your wedding. If you're working with a private venue, they'll probably have restrooms indoors that guests can use, but your best bet is to rent portable toilets. Don't worry, we're not talking about the yucky single stalls you see at construction sites -- many companies now offer deluxe-style rentals with pristine accoutrements that you can decorate with flowers and toiletry baskets. We do work with a local rental company and highly recommend this service to prevent the hike over the dunes….

Q. How can we prevent beach wanderers and wedding crashers from disrupting our day?
A. Unfortunately, if you're marrying on a public beach, there isn't much you can do. Although you may have purchased a permit for the right to be there, the space is still open to all, and they're entitled to do as they please. Weddings naturally attract a lot of attention no matter where they are, so you may discover a small audience present at your beach ceremony. Try to take it in stride and just focus on you and your spouse-to-be. If you're really concerned about privacy, we recommend our day of service person that is a actually part of our wedding coordinator package. She can bring extra staff to stand guard and prevent crashers from entering the area. On weddings that include more than 150 guests we mandate hiring of off duty constables for security and assistance with beach and road traffic

Q. How can we make sure all our guests can hear what's being said during the ceremony?
A. While the sounds of wind and crashing waves are peaceful to some, you don't want them to overpower your vows. A beach wedding usually calls for a more intimate setup, we offer an on the beach DJ with sound equipment so you can be assured all your guests can hear and if you choose our video services the sound will be captured as well.
We also offer live video and audio streaming of your wedding so those whom can not attend can watch live via the internet.

Q. What if it rains?
A. Unfortunately, it's a risk you'll have to take if you want to have a beach wedding. The weather is unpredictable, and even if you've plotted a chart for every weather pattern over the past decade, you're still susceptible to a surprise shower or two. The only solution is to be flexible. A rain delay isn't the worst thing in the world, and if you've built enough time into the day to accommodate little hang-ups here and there, everything should still run pretty close to schedule. And no matter what, have a backup plan. Your guests may grow weary after an hour of waiting for the rain to let up, and they came to see a wedding -- so give them what they want! Keep an indoor location on hold for such an emergency.
We also offer very nice tents on the beach for a light rain situation and it even ads a sort of cathedral effect to a beach wedding on South Padre Island. 

Q. What kinds of flowers can we use on the beach that won't wilt in the heat?
A. Look for hardier blossoms that cannot only stand up to the heat, but can also handle changes in temperature, as temps will likely drop at night. Every wedding planner we asked recommended orchids, which come in infinite colors and varieties and are tough enough to take on the elements. Although hydrangeas look great, you should try to stay away from them -- the blossoms are just too delicate. Roses are always a stable option, as are any blooms found in tropical climates, such as calla lilies, stargazer lilies, ginger, and birds of paradise. You can also incorporate fruit into your centerpieces: Pineapples are a symbol of welcome in Hawaii, and come in a baby variety, which is perfect for textured arrangements.

Q. I know the beach often gets quite windy, especially at night, but how can we work around it at the reception?
A. We can't say it enough: Flexibility is key for an outdoor wedding. You can't control the elements, and while there are some things you can do to work around them, there are no guarantees. Placing your tables and chairs under an enclosed tent is the best way to stay protected, as it can keep linens from billowing up and prevents things from blowing off tables. Another option is to use weighted linens. And in case guests get chilly, provide wraps and beach blankets in your wedding colors for people to share.
We often recommend only the nuptials be held on the beach and the reception be held at one of our favorite open air bayside restaurant locations with the sunset as your backdrop

Q. What time of day is best for a beach ceremony?
A. It really depends on your location. The tide comes in at different times of day in different regions, and it might be rougher at some points, which means it could reach all the way up to where you plan to stand. Late morning through the afternoon can be risky, as the sun is at its peak, which can make it uncomfortably hot for your guests. Likewise, the beach will probably be more crowded with sunbathers during those hours. The hour before sunset is your best option: The area will start to clear of beachgoers, and the sun won't be as harsh. And it offers the very best golden light for those once in a lifetime photos and video that we provide as part of our complete south padre beach wedding.

Q. This all sounds wonderful, how do I get started?
A. That’s the easiest answer so far….Visit us on-line at or call 877-323-6660 for fast friendly answers to all your south padre beach wedding questions.


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