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My best friend's wedding is coming up in August. As the Matron of honor
it is my duty to throw the wedding shower. A duty which I take very
seriously! Now as a creative type the bar is held very high for me and I
plan to leap over it! This is Tracey's second marriage and she is
forever "29". So between her and her fiance they have most of the
things they need. To make the gift giving fun I decided to make this a
"Stock the Wine Cellar" shower.

Although my theme is absolutely fun it also has a big black hole that I
don't want to fall into! This event could very quickly turn into a
menagerie of bad vintage looking wine prints with grapes as gifts. Tons
of knick nacks in the shape of grapes and wine barrels. You get the
point pretty much every wine related decoration under the sun. So when
creating the invitation I wanted to give the feel of wine without saying "Hey
let's decorate.". So I avoided anything with a vintage worn feel and
kept it more modern and fresh. The shower is going to be held in my
backyard. To give it an airy feel I made the background sky blue and
kept the grape leaves a brighter green. I put Tracey in a white dress
but one that is more casual and not an exact replica of her dress. A
glass of cold white wine in her hand and a gorgeous flower with feathers
in her hair were the final touches.

When I created the wording for the
I had a hard time finding something that would work for my theme.
To add to the text I decided to add a toast I found online. There were a
lot of good ones. The first is my favorite but I added a few more to
inspire you as well!
  • I would like to make a toast to
    lying, stealing, cheating and drinking.
    If you’re going to lie, lie for a friend.
    If you’re going to steal, steal a heart.
    If your going to cheat, cheat death.
    And if you’re going to drink, drink with me.”
    - Anonymous
  • As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.
    - Unknown
  • May your troubles be less
    and your blessings be more
    and nothing but happiness
    come through the door

When you are finishing up your text make sure to invite your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine for the happy couple.

The decorations for the party will be themed around the brides wedding
colors of fuchsia and lime green. I love that I get to have the party at
my house. In the front yard will be a matching lawn sign confirming the party's location. My
backyard has slightly two different levels. On our small octagon deck
will be all the appetizers under our big umbrella next to the small
pond. I will be adding grapes to the table to add to the wine theme. On
the lower level will be two white car port tents set up on the grass.
The card tables will be set up under and around the tents. Each table
will be covered in a different table cloth in shades of pink, green or
both. On the tables will be vintage non matching cake stands with home
made gorgeous cupcakes. I am taking my favor labels backing them with cardstock and
using lollipop sticks to insert them into the cupcakes. I'm going
totally retro with the decorations and purchasing pink and green
honeycomb wedding bells mixed with crepe paper. These I will hang from
the the inside and outside of the tents.

For your drinks of course there has to be lots of wine but don't go
overboard! I recommend picking one wine and one red. Any type of
Riesling is always a crowd pleaser for a white wine. For a red go with
Cabernet. Make sure to keep the bottles all the same brand unless you
plan on having a wine tasting. For my event I wanted to make it a
little more fun and self serve. I am doing a red sangria and white wine

Happy Planning! And make sure to check out my website for any of the
items listed in this blog!

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