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This amazing wedding comes with a ridiculously cute couple and a ton of great summer wedding ideas. With comfy sofas to lounge on, chalkboard signs and gigantic crusty loaves of bread at each table, this sunny day just graduated to perfect. 

farmwedding1.jpgfarmwedding2.jpgfarmwedding3.jpgfarmwedding4.jpgfarmwedding5.jpgfarmwedding6.jpgfarmwedding7.jpgfarmwedding8.jpgfarmwedding9.jpgfarmwedding10.jpgfarmwedding11.jpgfarmwedding12.jpgfarmwedding13.jpgImages by We Love Pictures


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Comment by Maria Bywater on April 13, 2011 at 2:58pm
Super sweet! Beautiful colors, gorgeous gown, loving all the details. thanks for sharing.

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