WEDDING TIP WEDNESDAY: How to Work Butterflies in Your Wedding Theme

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Weddings have always been planned with elegance as their centerpiece, and while there are many tasteful ways to add charm to your big day, butterflies are among the most popular. They show evolution and change, growth and transformation, just like your relationship that led you to this point. Showcasing butterflies in your celebration will only reinforce your desire to continue growing together.

Butterflies can help express the evolution and change that your relationship has gone through - just as caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies, your relationship has bloomed much the same.

And using butterflies in your wonderous moment will only reinforce the strength and journey that led you here.

Butterflies are Creatures Of Character

Butterflies are the perfect symbol to represent the journey between a couple. From the first “Hello” to “I do”. Incorporating butterfly decor into your wedding is all about showing that transition and how it became such a beautiful and important thing in your life.

There are many ways to incorporate butterflies into your wedding. For example, you could use butterfly-inspired invitations, centerpieces, backdrops, place settings and matching napkins. Your cake can also be decorated with these beautiful creatures. Here are some of our favorites.
You can explore more ideas here Butterfly-inspired-wedding-ideas.

5+ Ways to Include These Beauts In Your Decor

  • Think in line of your Bouquet:  Small butterflies are a great way to decorate a bouquet or other floral arrangement. They're natural and beautiful, and they last for a long time.
  • Think in line of Accessory: When planning your hairstyle, see if you can add butterfly clips to your final style. You could also incorporate them into your veil, or don a flower crown with clips attached.
  • Set The Scene with: Your backdrop, table settings could reflect these beautiful creatures on printed plates, napkins and table linens, or even add them to your centerpiece.
  • Call Them Out: Use butterfly clips for your name cards; the clips can be used for favor idea. This is what you call "double duty" 
  • Grand Exit: Many people will release Doves on their wedding day, but on your way to the rest of your life, you could set some butterflies free instead. This plays perfectly into the theme of symbolism through butterflies.

The Beauty Of Butterflies In Wedding Decor

Final Thoughts

If you should decide to add butterfly in your decor, using a mood board will allow you to see the big picture. This way you will have an idea of where you want to place them.

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