While the year is still young and I’ve only had a few consultations, I’ve certainly been learning a lot about what this years brides want in wedding stationery – at least in my general location of the world.

During a consultation this past weekend for invitations; as this bride was flipping through the pages of various albums, she piped up with one comment that really got my mind racing. Here it is, in all its brutal honesty… “You know, these are all very pretty… but, they are expensive, why? It’s a piece of paper that is just going to get thrown in the garbage.”

Had you been the one sitting with this bride for the past hour and a half, you would have been able to read between the lines…


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Comment by Fannie Street Stationery on January 28, 2010 at 6:37am
Thank you for your comments. You are correct - in many cases, this would have thrown up a red flag; however, for some reason or another, I was really able to "read" this bride. At first I did think "oh gosh, this one is going to be really tough (i.e., difficult); then, after more conversation, realized that she was more of a "no nonense, no frills" type of person. Fortunately, I was able to assist to her further in choosing a design and she provided a deposit on them... Hurray for all of us!

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