Was your engagement the most perfect story you could ever tell?  Each couple's story is different from the next and always truly unique to them. 


For instance, my husband proposed to me in a very strange way that will NEVER be forgotten!  It was two days before Christmas and I hated my job and was in a VERY bad mood because I did not want to go to work.  All of a sudden, I noticed that he has disappeared.  I looked around our house, only to call down into the basement (of which I hated because of the open back stairs) to have him call up to me that he would be up in a minute.  Of course, being nosy, I wanted to know what he was doing, but he knew I wouldn't go down those stairs, so he was safe.  I gave up and went about getting ready for work and was in the living room next to the tree when he walked in and tossed a rather large box my way, and said maybe this will cheer you up.


I opened the beautifully wrapped box (to this day, he does most of our Christmas wrapping - hehehe), only to find another box, again wrapped.  So I opened that one, and the next and the next, each getting smaller, until inside the last box I found a ring box from the jeweler that my family had used for years.  When I looked up, he had knelt in front of me and told me to open the box.  When I did, I saw the most beautiful ring!  He looked at me and said, "When I asked your father if I could marry you, he said that I could if I gave you this ring.  It belonged to his mother and he knew you had always liked it."  I took it out and then he popped the question!  I was crying, and told him I would marry him!


I found out later that his proposal had not gone according to plan, as he had planned on my finding the ring box in the tree on Christmas morning. But his spontaneity paid off!  I was more than thrilled and loved him more because he honored my father's wishes by not only asking for permission, but also in giving me the ring that my grandfather had given to my grandmother.  To this day, that ring is my most prized possession, along with my husband and beautiful children, of course!


My point is just this.  Planning your engagement story is an amazing way to start off your marriage, but always remember that anything can happen and to go with the flow.  Keep in mind that if the moment doesn't feel right or passes, keep waiting for the right moment.  It will happen.  In my case, my husband chose to bump up the proposal, which to me was so much more memorable!  And, to boot, we have been married for 13 years and counting and have two wonderful sons to thank that proposal for!


I wish you the best of luck during "Engagement Season."  Keep me posted on how your story played out!

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