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The Perfect Ring: 4 Engagement Ring Stone Alternatives to Diamonds

Diamonds aren’t the right stone for everyone, no matter how many people declare them their best friends. Fortunately, diamonds are far from the only option. There are plenty of easy-to-find stones offer amazing color and shine to make any engagement ring special. Here are four diamond alternatives to help you choose the gem that best fits you.


This gemstone was originally mistaken for a diamond when it was discovered, given its clear color and remarkable shine. Moissanites are far more affordable, however, and make an excellent alternative if you want the same style. They also happen to be right below diamond on the Mohs hardness scale, which means they’ll stand up to everyday wear and tear about as well.


Ranking just below moissanites for toughness are sapphires, famous for their deep blue brilliance. However, if you prefer another color, sapphires have you covered: they come in pink, yellow, brighter blues, white, and many more. The right cut can give this gemstone incredible sparkle.


Few gemstones have the singular variety in color an opal can have. A stone with good play-of-color dazzles with all the colors of the rainbow and comes in a variety of shades from white to black to clear. Thanks to the variety of patterns, no two opals will be the same.


This pretty pink stone has become a popular choice for those looking to tie the knot due to its sparkling color. Many morganites have a salmon or orange-like undertone, caused by manganese present in its chemical makeup, and the highest-quality ones have a strong pink tint.

If your goal is to drive the cost down further, also consider picking up any one of these gorgeous stones secondhand. Pawn shops can bypass the fuss and get the perfect ring without the hassle of overpaying. Diamond alternatives like the ones above are, again, not hard to find; working with professionals familiar with their price and quality will further simplify the process.

Diamonds make a glittery, luxurious gift for your special someone, but they aren’t the only choice. Consider the recipient, as well as the fact that there’s a variety of colors and cuts out there. If your beau wants something classy and romantic heading into marriage, the gems listed in this article fit the bill. Sapphires, moissanites, morganites, and opals are all beautiful enough to work.

Image Credit: Pexels

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