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Things You Should Not Miss Out on While Setting Up Bridal Bouquets

Weddings are an extremely special day and every bride wishes that it becomes perfect. From the dress to the decorations, everything should follow the theme and mood chosen by the bride and groom. An important aspect of weddings is definitely the bridal bouquets. It is extremely meaningful and special as each flower in the bouquet tends to signify different meanings that the bride wishes to convey. Moreover, they need to look gorgeous and aesthetic to fit with the bride's dress. Here are a few important tips to remember when setting up bridal bouquets.

Tips to Set Up the Best Bridal Bouquets:

  • Color scheme - This is perhaps the most crucial element to keep in mind when setting up bridal bouquets. It has to match the colors of the other decorations or it will look extremely jarring. Moreover, make sure that the flowers chosen for the bouquet are not too bright and are more towards the pastel and neutral palette so that it does not distract people. The fillers also need to be taken care of in a manner that they fit with the aesthetics of the decoration. In order to find the right color scheme for your bouquet which will fit the wedding perfectly, it is best to make color boards and do a lot of research.
  • Theme - Every wedding has a predominant theme that is followed diligently across all aspects of the event, be it dresses or decorations or food. Therefore, it is equally important to make sure that bridal bouquets also fit the theme and does not look out of place. The right way to get the best results is to create vision boards and color palettes to have a proper idea of what kind of mood and setting you to want. Once you have that idea, choosing flowers becomes a lot easier and the right bouquet can then be made.
  • Favorite flowers - While making bridal bouquets, it is very important to incorporate the favorite flowers of the bride and the groom. The wedding day is all about them and thus their true personalities should find reflection in the whole decoration. Therefore their favorite flowers in the bouquet would make it really special and personalized and would have a unique significance to it compared to any other store bought a bouquet.
  • Seasonal flowers - Nothing can be more perfect than making bridal bouquets out of seasonal flowers that are readily available in specific times and thus remain fresh and beautiful and fit the mood of the season. Time is of the essence in this matter and it is best to pick flowers that will be plentiful during the time of the wedding so that they last and remain fresh throughout the wedding. In this case, it is important to know the location of the wedding and the date so that the right flower arrangement can be planned in advance. Choosing seasonal flowers also leaves room for adventure and excitement as it will be different from the rest.
  • Size - The size of the bouquets need to be paid attention to so that they complement the bride perfectly. If the bride is tall then it would be lovely to opt for a cascading arrangement whereas if the bride is short then nosegay or posy would look wonderful.

These are some really important tips that need to be kept in mind during bridal bouquets set up. Bouquets play a key role in the wedding and it is a huge responsibility to make them look perfect.

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