One of the first questions clients asks me is "How can they cut cost and save money?" and my answer is pretty much always the same the first thing you want to keep in mind the more guests you have the more money your going to spend bottom-line and then I break it down for them most clients don't even think about the extra cost associated with each guest their main focus is the per person cost at the venue or with the caterer..
I had a client that told me she wanted to only have  150 people at her wedding however she was sending out 170 invitations I explained to her if you send out 170 invitations you are actually inviting at the least 340 people how is that she asked I told her unless you tell  them they can not bring a guest most people always bring a someone to the wedding so even though you only invite that one person they may RSVP for two.. Unless you tell them they can't bring a guest... She thought about it and she agreed that she would not send 170 and she didn't even think about it like that so if you want to cut cost first look at your guest list and decide is it really necessary to invite your entire department at work or stay within you budget and invite only your closest family and friends...

These are a few of the extra costs that I always find myself reminding them of:
  • Stationery ( invitations, programs, menus, maps,tags,labels etc.)
  • Favors and  items to assemble (boxes,bags,ribbon,etc.)
  • Postage (Especially if their invite is over-sized or over-weight)
  • Linens (the more people the more chair covers,overlays,sashes table runners,installation etc.)
  • Flowers or center pieces ( the more people the more tables the more center pieces) 
  • Gifts (Attendant & Parents)
  • Tips (for vendors)
On average you spend at least $100 per adult guest
$100 x 200 guest = $20,000 the average cost spent on wedding in the United States

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