Tips for Stunning Fall Wedding Photography

Fall is a beautiful season for a wedding. With perfect cooler temperatures and brilliant colors everywhere, it's hard to imagine a finer setting for your big today. As with any season, fall offers both advantages and challenges for wedding photographers. As you prepare for your upcoming fall weddings, brush up on a few key photography tips from Melbourne professional wedding photographer - Lavan Photography.

Capture autumn elements in group shots


Many photographers focus on capturing the perfect group shots and forget about the smaller elements of the day. Including seasonal elements in your photos will tell the larger story of the couple's wedding. The changing leaves can serve as a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor group poses, while fall décor will add character to indoor group shots. Don't forget to highlight seasonal details individually in a handful of shots for the couple to include in their wedding album. Whenever possible, take these solo detail shots ahead of time so you can stay out of the way when the guests and wedding party gather. Be available to capture the bigger moments during the ceremony and reception.


Don't be afraid to mix colors


Reds, oranges, and yellows are brilliant, but they can almost be overwhelming. If you find the couple gets lost among the bright colors, add contrast in your photos. For example, including the green grass or blue sky will bring a wider range of colors to your shots and increase the dramatic aesthetic. The contrast will also help the bride's white dress and floral bouquet stand out from the background.


Get low and shoot upward


You want your wedding photos to reflect the season. One effective technique to ensure prominent fall views in your shots is to shoot from a low angle to capture the leaves both on the ground and high in the trees. Think about shooting with a telephoto or prime lens to blur the elements behind the subjects, thereby softening the images.


Maximize use of soft afternoon and evening light


Fall brings shorter days and softer light. You may not have as much natural light as you would in the summer, but the light gets softer much earlier in the day. Whenever possible, shoot outdoors after 2 p.m. to minimize harsh shadows and glaring light. The magical light quality right before sunset will flatter skin tones and bring out the golden highlights in the leaves, creating a beautiful glow in your shots. When you're shooting indoors, don't be afraid to use extra artificial light sources, including a flash, to bump up the available light and avoid dark, grainy images.


Depending on the timing of the ceremony and reception, you may even able to take advantage of twilight shooting as well. With the sky still light enough to show the pink and orange clouds in the background, the timing is ideal for romantic portraits. You can also take a couple of silhouette photos against the warm glow of the horizon.


Finally, take the time to scout your fall wedding locations for each event. Previewing the ceremony and reception areas will allow you to consider the best angles for your shots to maximize the available shooting time. If you're traveling for a wedding, arrive a few hours early, or even spend the night, so you have ample time to check out the new environment.

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