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Tips on Decorating your reception tables and wedding venue

One of the key decisions of your wedding planning will be how your wedding venue is decorated. Some venues will offer this service
but if you would like a coordinated, sophisticated and personalized look it’s best to
put in as much input as you can. Here are a few ideas on how to
decorate reception tables:

Floral Centerpieces
Have your florist match your bouquet with your color palette – for a fresh sophisticated look try tall lilies in crystal vases or for a boost of color try tightly packed roses. Aluminum tubs can add a rustic country look when filled with potted plants or herbs.
To save money try ordering flowers from a wholesaler and buying simple vases
from places like Ikea and crate and barrel. If you have a creative side try doing the
arranging yourself. It will take a bit of practice but you can always achieve
a simple and classic looks with a few stems in a vase. They also make lovely gifts for your friends and family to take home.


White Christmas lights
Wrap fairy lights around flowers and wreaths for a twinkly, starry night look.

Candles and fruit

Floating tea lights or candelabras can look amazing on any table but check with your venue about restrictions they might have on open flames.

Wedding favors, sweets, confetti,
Match them with your theme – if it's a summer garden party try mismatched vintage china, potted plants and flower petal. For an elegant
and sophisticated look try white hydrangeas in large glass fishbowls with
tapered white candles and sugared sweets.

Yes, they can look tacky but when they are used correctly they can look amazing! I attended a wedding with a black and gold theme and
there were literally hundreds of black and gold balloons. The room had very tall
ceilings and the balloons floated up high on the ceiling with matching ribbons
hanging down – it made a visual impact.

A good rule of thumb for decorating your tables and the venue – try not to overdo it and remember that sometimes less is more.

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