BravoBride is a popular online marketplace where brides and newlyweds can buy and sell new and pre-owned wedding items, from discount designer wedding dresses and jewelry to shoes, favors, reception items and more. The company’s founder, Susan A. Shapiro is here with some tips for grooms on maintaining wedding sanity.

You may have seen TV shows where the bride has succumbed to wedding pressure and is busy screaming at her bridesmaids while crying about the fact that she doesn’t like her wedding bouquet and her dress is too tight. Hopefully your bride won’t have a meltdown this extreme but most brides are normal women who become a bit wedding-crazed. Don’t worry guys, it won’t last forever but here are a few tips to keep your bride happy during the wedding planning process.

Try to help with the wedding planning, even if it’s just a little
I love my husband dearly but wedding planning was not on the top of his list of fun things to do. I realize this is the case for most men. It’s understandable that talking about flowers, wedding colors and what your groomsmen will wear isn’t nearly as exciting as watching football on Sunday. One great way to help your bride feel less stressed is to show some interest in the wedding. The wedding process can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience if your fiancée feels like she’s doing everything herself. When one of our friends was getting married they scheduled one night a week, every week, for wedding planning. Not only can you really focus on the wedding but it also helps prevent you from talking about it all the time. Little things like this will take some of the stress off your bride and let her know that you realize how special and important your big day really is.

Don’t ever tell your bride that her wedding dress is just a dress
The wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the wedding and it is probably the biggest clothing decision your fiancée will ever make in her life. Because of this she may be stressed about the expense of her dream gown. Encourage her to visit websites that sell pre-owned wedding gowns where she can find a designer dress at a fraction of the price. If your bride decides she doesn’t like her gown and wants to buy another one or if she’s having a nervous breakdown because her seamstress didn’t alter it correctly, she’s not crazy, she’s just on wedding overload. Advise her to take a step back and realize no matter what happens she will be a gorgeous bride.

Give your bride some encouragement
As your wedding date draws closer your fiancée may be closer to having a wedding meltdown. Make sure to let her know that all her planning is appreciated. You can do this by simply cooking a meal, taking her out for dinner or just saying a simple thank you. Thoughtful things like that can mean so much.

She won’t always be Bridezilla
Planning a wedding is unlike any other party you’ve ever thrown. The stress of a wedding might make your fiancée act like she never has before. Don’t worry, she hasn’t completely lost her mind, she’s just a bride and it will pass. After the cake has been cut and the wedding flowers have wilted, she’ll be back to her old self in no time. Then you can finally go back to watching the game without talking about the wedding.

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