Top 10 2024 Wedding Trends & Ideas For You

Get inspired with these exciting 2024 wedding trends and ideas to love.
Congratulations, you are planning your 2024 weddings, you are coming up with creative and exciting ways to make your wedding your own.
We collected all about the 2024 wedding colors and trends we’ve seen in the works to help you get inspired for your wedding.
Your dress doesn’t have to be white and neither does your veil. Your venue could be anywhere you want and you can invite as few people as you’d like.

Put your own twist on these ideas to make sure your wedding turns out exactly how you want it!
Let it guide you to find the colors, dresses, decor, and themes that will be perfect for your big day.

(1) Personalize Your Wedding Day Exactly How YOU & Your Partner Want It!
Modern weddings are all about your own taste instead of feeling obligated to follow tradition.
Get rid of any outdated traditions that you don’t feel comfortable with in year 2024. For example, if your father is not walking you down the aisle, mix things up by walking with your groom or with a close friend.
It’s your wedding day so make it your own. Prioritize elements that are important to you and your partner instead of basing decisions on what other people want.

(2) Having Table for the Newlyweds at the Reception
Couples are focusing on trying to make their weddings more intimate and romantic.
Sweetheart table for newlyweds assures that you can spend one-on-one time together at your wedding.
It is also a great opportunity for candid photos of you and your partner kissing, eating, and clinking glasses to celebrate your new marriage.

(3) Intimate Vows or Private Ceremonies Ahead of the Wedding
Try sharing your vows with your partner on the day of, when it’s just you two alone so you can fully focus on each other. Some couples even plan a private courthouse wedding ceremony prior to their big celebration.
Find ways to focus on the love between you and your partner in an intimate way. An even easier way to do this is to write notes to each other for the wedding day to read while you’re getting ready separately.

(4) Documentary Style Wedding Photography
Documentary style wedding photography is a new take on traditional wedding photos.
Make your wedding photos tell a story by showing the way things really were on your big day.

(5) Pearl Veils & Short Reception Dresses for Brides
Fun bridal accessories are making a comeback with new and more creative styles, like veils that are colorful, feature pearl accents, or are embroidered.
Other accessories we’ve seen a lot of lately are bow accents, elegant gloves, and bridal capes.
Accessories let you add details to your outfit without needing to be uncomfortable, they allow you to customize your bridal look to fit your personal style.


(6) Non-Traditional Wedding Venues Continue to Be Popular
The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way of wedding forever. Couples opted for outdoor weddings, small courthouse ceremonies, and creative elopements.
By choosing an atypical wedding venue you can save money and get the exact vibe you want.
Wedding venues including national parks, rental homes, private residences, and historic destinations.
If you are only inviting your closest friends and family to your wedding, you can have your wedding nearly anywhere you want, for instance a place that means something to you and your future spouse like your favorite hiking spot, the rooftop restaurant where you got engaged, or your family’s lake house.

(7) Opting to Have Wedding Party Sit Down During the Ceremony
Simply leave the front row empty and reserved for your bridal party, give your closest friends and family the best seats in the house.

(8) Vibrant Wedding Color Palettes
If you love bold colors, don’t feel anxious about being non-traditional.
Don’t be afraid to contrast multiple colors. You can incorporate bold colors into your decor, your bridesmaid dresses color options.
For bridesmaid dresses, try choosing a bold shade like berry, teal, or marigold. You could even choose multiple bold shades for a mix-and-match effect.
Green bridesmaid dresses are one of your choices, too. Moss green, olive green, and sage green are some of our most popular and most-loved bridesmaid dress colors.

(9) Decorations are the New Neutrals
Include Lots of Greenery, cover the table in greenery, fill your bouquets with eucalyptus
Green looks beautiful with every type of decor and style. We love to see green is definitely a favorite color for 2024 weddings.
We love the feel of green-focused weddings because they allow you to bring the beauty and freshness of nature into your wedding.

(10) Sustainable Weddings Are In for 2024
If sustainability is important to you in your everyday life, you can also bring that positive intention into your wedding plans:
Order locally sourced flowers that are in season;
Eliminate waste by minimalist and sustainable with your decor;
Skip the fridge magnet invitations, instead of plantable invitations with seeds in them so your guests can grow flowers in their garden with your invite.
You could even skip the paper altogether by sending out your save-the-dates, invitations, and thank you cards digitally.

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