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The wedding is a magical day. It is not just long-awaited and full of great happiness, but also very responsible. All you need to prepare and choose: hairstyle, wedding photographer, interior decor, music ... but most importantly - of course, a wedding dress. It can be chosen endlessly, and it seems difficult to stop at something. Consider the TOP-10 most fashionable wedding dresses, of which it is worth choosing.

Fashionable models and unfading classic

Length, texture, style and shape - everything should be chosen carefully, starting from the features of the figure, the overall style of the wedding and your own preferences. But fashion should be given due, because it is able to specify the right path and to facilitate the task of choice. So, the TOP-10 of the most fashionable variants of wedding dresses this year.

  1. Open back and lush skirt. The dress of the princess will never go out of fashion. The sea of ​​lace and translucent silks, a fluffy voluminous skirt up to the floor and a very fragile top - the shoulders are defenselessly bared, the back is openly open.
  2. The "mermaid" style looks very feminine and stands at the height of fashion. A very narrow waist, the skirt is hip-hugging and greatly widening downwards. Mandatory element of the style "mermaid" - a chic long train, it is he who gives the dress a highlight.
  3. Corset and short skirt. Dress up to the knee or even higher, with a lush voluminous skirt, should have the most laconic upper sleeveless, or with gentle shoulder straps.
  4. The long sleeve and straight silhouette - such a dress will create the image of a clean, innocent bride. A very chaste and delicate dress with long sleeves made of translucent lace is captivating with femininity and simplicity.
  5. Asymmetry is fashionable! A long rear, short front wedding dress will perfectly suit a slender girl, and the wedding image will be original and seductive.
  6. Greek style and drapery - it's very feminine. A long dress of draperies with soft, flowing lines, looks very feminine and will fit any figure.
  7. Narrow lace dress is the top of the style. Very tight, without tulle and satin, looks very rich and luxurious.
  8. The style of the 1920s is narrow, low-laid sleeves, an A-line skirt and a sea of ​​flowers. A classic and very romantic image.
  9. Fabulous motifs - dresses from gentle flowing fabric, without inlays, lace and extra decor, as if sewn from one single piece. Deep A-cut, a wide flowing skirt and delightful folds of thin fabric. The bride in this dress is like a fairy fairy.
  10. Pastoral is the hit of this season. Very simple, charming dresses made of lace and chiffon, with embroidery, flowers and bows. Style - simple, A-silhouette and no cloying splendor.

The color, style, length and texture of the wedding dress - all details are important here! Listen to fashion, but do not forget about your own taste and preferences. The main thing is that the bride in her dress should feel like a real goddess!

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