Top Groomsmen Gifts for the Practical Buddies

Groomsmen gifts are a way to say thank you for a lot of things: agreeing to be part of the wedding party, ushering fussy relatives down the aisle, and showing up for rehearsals and avoiding touching on topics considered indecent during the reception toast. Most importantly, it says thank you for the friendship and camaraderie, as well as showcases just how well you know your groomsmen. 

While there are a lot of gift choices to choose from, not all of them will be practical. If your best buddies are the no-frills needed kind of guys, you may want to look into giving them gifts that they can actually use. Check out the top groomsmen gifts for these kind of practical buddies:


1. Flasks

A guy can never have too many flasks - unless, of course, if the said guy doesn’t drink at all. But if your groomsmen are also the buddies that you hang out to drink with on Friday nights, then flasks are easy yet manly gift choices.


2. Sunglasses

Whether they’re sports sunglasses or urban wear ones, sunglasses are useful gifts for just about anyone. They make great groomsmen gifts just for their practicality alone. It’s your job to show how much you know your buddies by choosing pairs that actually suit each of their lifestyles. 


3. Shaving Kit

Chances are, your groomsmen have facial hair. For this reason alone, they would most likely find a gift of a shaving kit being very practical - something they can actually put to good use on a daily basis and not just leave to collect dust somewhere in the pile of gifts down in the basement. Shaving kits are a man-necessity, and they make perfect groomsmen gifts.


4. Fountain Pen

Not everyone may appreciate receiving pens as gifts, but that’s not usually the case when the recipient is someone who either makes a living using pens for his signing all those paperwork, or just someone who loves to write in general. Fountain pens are great ideas for groomsmen gifts, now only because they’re practical, but also because they can be personalized for the person that you’re giving them to.


5. Socks

Socks may not be much, but they’re actually a top contender for the most practical groomsman gift title. With all the things that everyone in the wedding party have to keep in mind and prepare leading up to the big day, socks are commonly one of the most forgotten items of clothing. Giving socks as groomsmen gifts on the day of the wedding will not only be practical, it can be pretty inexpensive, too!


6. Bottle Openers

For the beer-loving groomsmen, bottle openers are indeed practical gifts. But they can be pretty common items as well. So when deciding on beer openers as groomsmen gifts, go for more unique items such as personalized Capcatcher bottle openers that can be mounted onto the wall or any magnetic surface ready for a beer’s night in.


When choosing groomsmen gifts, it’s better to give something that not only has value as an item, but also something that the people you’re giving them to can actually find use for. You wouldn’t want to visit your friend’s house a year after the wedding and find your gift stuck inside one of the boxes of dusty old items down in the basement now, would you?

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Comment by Janet Young on November 10, 2015 at 4:06am

Its my wedding and all my preparations are done. But my fiancé has decided to gift all his grooms-men a gift and he is very particular about it. He knows all of their choices and what to gift to each of them. Apart from other gifts like sunglasses and perfumes, One stuff he liked the most is the Beard growth product
As his friends are crazy about growing facial hairs. So he is going to gift them this product.

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