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Top 7 Wedding Destinations in Rome

Rome, Italy or otherwise known as the Eternal City is known for rich history, beautiful architecture, and a uniquely, authentic atmosphere. Despite all of these aspects of the great city, there is one aspect that is never on the list… WEDDINGS! There are weddings all over Rome, as it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With amazing views, spectacular food, and energetic atmosphere it easy to see why having a wedding here would be picture perfect. There are a variety of places to have weddings in Rome! This post only scratches the surface of the endless amount possibilities. Even though the city center always seems to be busy and rushed, there is no place like the Rome to start the next chapter of your life!

1. Complesso Vignola Mattei (Civil Wedding)

There are three venues to hold a civil wedding in Rome, each providing a different look and unique atmosphere. Let’s begin with the Complesso Vigonla Mattei, a popular destination for many Roman inspired weddings. This venue is located close to the ruins of Bath of Caracalla which gives the space that touch of Roman history. The structure use to be a church but has since been deconsecrated designated for the use of civil weddings in the city.

The charming, intimate hall feels like a step back in time, with the beautiful stone interior and the various marble statues set throughout the ceremony space. The antique look of the venue and the swift, ease of the ceremony presents a more relaxed environment. However, the touches of red and gold throughout the interior gives the weddings a touch of elegance without being too over the top.

 2.Campidoglio-Sala Rossa (Civil Wedding)

The second of the three, Sala Rossa is a more formal venue presenting a touch of luxury and elegance to the quickness of a civil ceremony. The venue is located near the heart of Rome on the ground floor of the Capitol Palace, very close to breath taking views of the Roman Forum! You enter this historic venue after walking up a grand flight of steps known as the “cordonata” which were designed by Michelangelo!

This small room can fit up to 15 or 18 guest, including the bride and groom, allowing for a more intimate and personal style ceremony. The room itself brings a real sense of royalty to the the ceremony with its rich, red interior, gold accent pieces, and gold, ornate vaulted ceilings. Sala Rossa is for those couples who want a hassle free wedding without skimping on the regal and formal feeling of such an important day!

 3.Villa Lais (Civil Wedding)

The last of the three civil wedding venues and one of the most unique is the beautiful Villa Lais. The Villa Lais is a 20-minute drive from the city center in a beautiful park in the Appia area of Rome. The venue feels like a real life fairy tale as the exterior of the space loosely mimics the look of a castle from the renaissance. While it is not exactly the same build as the castles you see in movies, the vibe of the venue is dreamy and romantic just like all your favorite fairytale weddings.

This romantic atmosphere becomes even more apparent as you enter the space. The interior walls are decorated with intricate paintings of the ancient Rome and a domed alter gives the venue a golden hue which makes for beautiful pictures! This space seems to present the most relaxed atmosphere for civil weddings, providing an authentic yet rustic Italian style wedding!    

Catholic Ceremonies

The options for Catholic ceremonies are abundant, in fact Rome is home to some of the most beautiful and ancient churches in the world. However, Because of the high demand for the churches around Rome, especially during specific time of the year, the waiting list for these types of religious venues can be long. The best option if you want a religious ceremony, specifically a Catholic ceremony, is to do your research ahead of time and see what options are available for your specific needs. After this research, it is crucial to get onto the waiting list of the venues as soon as possible and verify your day of choice to lock in the date. If you do not speak Italian and/or not comfortable with this type of work, it may be easier to go through a wedding planner because the booking process along with the copious amounts of paper work can become extremely overwhelming for couples. You can find more specifics about booking catholic ceremonies on the Wed in Rome website:

4. Santa Francesca Romana (Catholic Ceremony),_Rome

This venue is located in between the Roman Forum and the Temple of Venus and allows you to experience the atmosphere of ancient Rome with all its glory and richness. With original architecture from the second half of the tenth century, the church incorporates part of ancient Roman history with the picturesque paintings lining the ceiling above the aisle and covering the dome shaped alter.

Delicate arches and columns surround the ceremony space taking you back in time and providing a truly authentic Italian wedding experience. The space provides elegance and history to the ceremonies atmosphere, allowing couples a chance to incorporate Roman history into their wedding space.

5. The Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere (Catholic Ceremony)

Located in the historic, yet lively part of Rome, Santa Maria in Trastevere is considered to be the most ancient church of Rome and one of the first dedicated to Mary. The venue is located behind an old fountain in the middle of a piazza. The front of the building has a beautiful mosaic depicting the Virgin Mary enthroned and suckling the Child with five women on either side. The façade of the building carries on to the interior of venue as the ceiling, designed by Domenichino, depicts “the assumption of the Virgin.”

The heavy influences of gold give the building a luxurious feel while holding to its historic roots. The 21 irregular ancient Roman columns incasing the ceremony space and the “triumphal arch,” dating back from 1400, provide the wedding party with a stunning view and an amazing authentic Italian atmosphere. This venue is perfect those couple looking for a truly remarkable and historic setting for their special day.  

6. San Giorgio al Velabro (Catholic Ceremony)

Located in a historic district of Rome, near the Forum and a 10-minute walk from the Coliseum, San Giorgio al Velabro is a beautiful setting for a catholic ceremony. This ancient church dates back to 5th century Rome and is not as large or elaborate as the other churches on this list, holding a more simplistic design. The church is considered an interesting example of the architectural styles throughout time and has been carefully cared for.

 The interior is on a basilica plan with a nave and two aisles divided by two rows of marble and granite columns. This simple interior allows for a very elegant aesthetic, really allowing the bride and groom shine on their day. While there are not the lavish gold finishes and the rich bold colors that may be present in other churches, San Giorgio presents a modest sophistication and a more laid back atmosphere for the ceremony.

7. Church of Saints Nereo and Archilleo

Located just outside the city’s center in via delle Terme di Caracalla, the church of Saitns Nereo and Archilleo is facing the entrance of the historic Baths of Caracalla. The church was built in the fourth century and dedicated to the saints Nereo and Archilleo. The simple stone exterior decorated by the geometric frescos of Girolamo Massei, which has sense significantly faded, provide a physical representation of the deep historical value of church.

Similarly, the interior is richly frescoed with scenes of martyrdom that are painted above and around the ceremony space, providing a picturesque backdrop for the wedding party. The venue is perfect for brides and grooms that are looking for a happy medium of simple and luxury as the simple façade pairs beautifully with the vivid frescoes around the ceremony space. This venue provides a historical and rustic experience for everyone in the wedding party by allowing a uniquely, authentic experience for the special day!  

Thank you for reading! Have suggestions for content? Have questions about planning a destination wedding in Italy? Want to start planning your Roman wedding now? Please feel free to contact Wed in Rome via Bridal tweets or with the contact info found on: !!!

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