There was a time when it was assumed that invitation cards were only meant for inviting near & dear ones but with the changing time the view has completely changed. The look and feel of the invitation makes an impact on the guests. Modern couples understand this very well thus like to select the cards themselves for the big occasion rather than depending on close relatives to do the job. The most important thing that needs to be taken care while selecting the cards is the latest trend, so here we are going to tell you the top seven Wedding Invitation Trends making rounds in wedding circle presently.

Trend 7 - Old is Gold: Whatever goes out of fashion always comes back with a bang, it implies on invitation also, - brocaded designs, the vintage patterns are back in bolder and brighter hues. Simple yet sophisticated they look classy. The bold & beautiful Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan wedding invitation card is the best example of it.

Trend 6 - Verses from Scriptures: Wedding is union of two hearts taking place with the “Will & Blessing of God”, so adding wisdom from the Holy Scriptures like Quran, Purana and Bible means you have the blessing of Almighty. In some communities this is practiced from ages, you can have any wisdom that is close to your heart.

Trend 5 - Laser Cut Designs: It helps you to come up with intricate three dimension patterns on cards.  It includes flowers, alphabets, leaves etcetera. It gives a unique eye-catching look to the invitation. Buy Now !

Trend 4 - No formal wordings: The formal wordings are outdated. The invitations are worded using sweet and caring words. It instantly strikes a rapport with the guests as wedding is all about love, care and commitment. Some couples like to stick to humor content; it helps them to show their funny side.

Trend 3 - Personalized card: They are the flair of the season. The personal touch makes the invitation genuine and there are lots of online wedding invitation cards store that will do the customization free of cost. It gives you an opportunity to add memorable photographs, own poems and words. It even allows you to choose the colors schemes, design and layout of the card. It is like designing the card for your own wedding. If you want to show the world and your fiancée your creative side then this is golden opportunity, don’t miss it at any cost.

Trend 2 - Photograph of the Couple: The pictures of traditional “bride & man” are replaced by stylish photograph of the couples. The couples go for a specific photo shoot for the same dressed in their wedding apparel.

Trend 1 - Unconventional invitations: Anything that is unusual catches the fascination of people quickly; same is the case with invitation cards. Invitation send in beverage bottles, boxed shaped invitation stuffed with chocolates, pen stand invitation cards, collage invitation, balloon invitation are increasingly popular for sending wedding invites @

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Comment by Wendy Means on September 4, 2013 at 8:54am

These are really beautiful invitations. Thanks for sharing!!

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