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Top Tips On Getting Your Hair Ready For Your Wedding Day

It has the potential to be the best day of your life and you want to look like a million dollars. Indeed, for most us, we have dreamed of our wedding day since we were a little girl. From the days that we picked flowers from the garden, pretended they were a bouquet and marched ourselves up and down the garden, we have been planning and daydreaming about the day that we get to be the belle of the ball; the beautiful bride as we marry our very own Prince Charming.

Of course, in those childish dreams, we didn't know a lot about split ends, heat damaged hair and styling issues. Indeed, it was all so simple and beautiful in our little girl memories.

Now that your wedding day is looming, that innocent and ideal picture of how you would look on your wedding day can feel like a rather daunting venture, to say the least.

If you are like most of us ladies, you have likely breached your hair at one point or another perhaps dyed it various shades of the rainbow and bombarded it with enough heat and styling products to scare it from the roots out. Despite it all, your hair is still be loyally sticking to your head, but looking, how shall we say, a little worse for wear!

Before you start to panic and resign yourself to being 'the ugly duckling' at your own wedding it's time for you to read on; we are going to let you in on a few top tips that will not only have your hair wedding day-ready, it will have you feeling nothing short of amazing as well, in fact, just like you felt when you pranced down the 'garden wedding aisle' as a little girl!

Tip 1 - Invest In Your Conditioner

Up until this point, you may have opted for the cheapest conditioner you could find, or the one that was on offer, however, now things are about to change. A great conditioner can be the difference between hair that looks dull and dry and hair that looks lush and magnificent. We are presuming that you want the latter of the two hair types, right?

Not only do you need to invest in a great conditioner such as Three Squares Soil hair serum products, you also need to get into a good conditioning habit. We know that you are crazily busy with your wedding plans and that your shower time may feel more like a 'splash and dash' these days, but you need to schedule time in your week for your hair to receive its much-needed TLC. Remember, the few extra minutes and dollars it is going to set you back now is going to make all the difference on your big day!

Tip 2 - Your Hairdresser Should Be Your New Best Friend

Are you one of those girls that only head to the hairdressers when those split ends are starting to stare you in the face? If this sounds like you, your life is about to change significantly.

Well in advance of your wedding day you should start to schedule regular trims, around every 8 weeks. Actually, this is a habit that you should have in place as part of your daily life, not just because you have a wedding coming up! Regular trims will help your hair to maintain its shape and health, this will have you feeling gorgeous long before the wedding day comes around.

Tip 3 - By All Means Change Your Color But Don't Do It At The Last Minute

So you have seen the perfect hairstyle for your big day and you love the hair shade that the model in the picture is boasting? No problem! If you feel like a hair color change is on the cards for you it could be the perfect choice for your wedding day, however, if you leave it to the last minute, you may find that 'perfect' is the exact opposite of how things turn out!

Firstly, a new color needs to be checked with your hairdresser. They may advise you that your skin tone or hair condition would simply not work for the color you have in mind. If this is the case, don't presume you know better! Put the idea out of your head and listen to the suggestions that your hairdresser provides.

However, if it seems like your proposed hair color is a good option, make sure that you leave yourself at least two weeks before your big day. This will give sufficient time to change the color if you don't embrace it the way you thought you would.

Tip 4 - Indulge In A Number Of Hair Trials

Remember, all being well you are only going to get married once, make sure that your hair lives up to everything you want it to be. This will likely mean that you will go for numerous hair trials until you get the style that nails everything that you have in mind. Remember, wedding hair trials are also about experimenting; if your stylist tells you that a certain style would look amazing in you, trust them to show you what it's like. After all, if you don't like it, all you need to do is say no!

Indeed, nearly all little girls love to dream about their wedding day. As they glide around, with a white pillowcase over their head and a bunch of garden daffodils in their hands they feel like nothing short of a million dollars. Certainly, you may not be planning to rock a pillowcase, or daffodils for that matter, on your wedding day, however, one thing should stay the same as those childhood dreams; that feeling of being truly beautiful.

We hope that the tips we have outlined above will put you a good step in the right direction of getting your hair ready for your wedding day. After all, if your hair looks amazing there is every chance that you will feel utterly amazing too!

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