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Top tips to help you work a breast augmentation around your wedding day

Your wedding day is truly one of the most special days of your life. For years you may have thought about this day and now your significant other has popped the question, and you’ve said yes! It’s always a dream to look as good as possible for your wedding day, which means plenty of fitness and lots of dieting. Others would have been looking at alternative ways to look good before your partner surprised you, in the form of breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is considered one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery, particularly for future brides. However, before considering a breast augmentation there are many aspects that you'd take into account before taking this step. Here’s what you might consider.

Ensure you book your appointment as soon as you can

It’s likely that you weren’t planning to be getting married before you went through your breast augmentation. But, now the time’s arrived and you need to sort things out. Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming. You need to decide on your dress, your venue, your bridesmaids and much much more.

If you’re wanting to have your breast implants in time for your wedding, it may be best that you book it in as soon as possible. It’s not a process that can happen and be ready within days. You’ll need to research around the best plastic surgeon available, discussing the surgery with your surgeon, scheduling the surgery and planning time for recovery. Being stressed whilst in your healing period can extend this process. This is why it’s best to plan well ahead so you’re not getting overwhelmed by the whole situation and reducing your healing time.

Allow plenty of time for you to heal

The healing aspect of any cosmetic surgery is probably the most important part to consider. You need to create time for you to heal as you’ll find it difficult to manoeuvre and need time to completely heal. Everyone heals from breast augmentation differently, but there is a rough guide you can follow that can provide ideal timescales.

- Initial recovery is expected to up to 6 weeks after surgery. Around this time, you’d want to be as least stressed as possible. You’ll feel extremely raw and you’ll probably need to recover the most in this period.

- Full recovery will be after the initial recovery period. This is where you’ll begin to start light exercise and improve your mobility. By this time, your breasts should feel relatively settled and you should be expecting to be your normal self again.

- At 6 months you should expect to see the long term results of your breast augmentation. Your breasts would have settled and be in a position to think about looking for that dream wedding dress!

Plan earlier so you’re able to choose the right dress

The wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of any bride’s special day. Plenty of planning and decision making goes into making sure it’s the perfect one. As the recovery period outlines, it does take time before you’ll be in a position where your breasts are well settled to provide your final shape. Be sure to plan your procedure as early as possible to avoid numerous alterations being made to your dress. Around 5-6 months will be a good time to consider your wedding dress sizes.

You should be able to enjoy all aspects of life, including improving your appearance for the sake of your perfect wedding. With the correct planning, you’ll be able to have the benefit of both worlds.

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