Regarding pregnant brides, wearing a wedding dress has become a difficult thing. Their Stomach to the uplift look very unsightly. In fact, the bride wedding is okay, if modified properly, it also can be very successful to hide the stomach.

It is best to use oblique shoulder strap styles, so that you can cover part of the shoulders and chest, which make the breast shape looks elegant.

If pregnant bride looks a little fat, she had better not choose white gauze but the choice of champagne and pale gold. Also avoid using fabric satin, because satin have expansion.

The bride should choose long tail dress which has elongated effect, making pregnant bride figure more slender. And the little tail avoid the bride can act more convenient and easily.

If the pregnant bride is square or round face and has little fat because of pregnant, they can choose the long oblique bangs modeling.


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Comment by Sophia in Sapphire on November 19, 2013 at 2:10am

Cute ideas, thanks for this :)

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