Viral Funny Mistake in Wedding Card: The wedding invitation missed a word and the message printed was confusing.

Selecting and printing wedding cards are two very important steps when planning a marriage ceremony. This is because the card should look both appealing and detailed. However, often a few errors in detail can lead to your guests ending up confused. One such wedding invitation with a misprint has surfaced on the internet confused its guests as to whether their presence is requested or absence.

Indians love to make their wedding invitations sound poetic. For this, they often use proverbs or poems on their cards. One such poem was used on the wedding card, which read, “Bhej raha hoon sneh, nimantran priyavar tujhe bulane ko. Hey manas ke rajhans tum bhul jana aane ko.”

The poem roughly translates to, “I am sending this invitation with love, please forget to come to the wedding.” The unusual invitation confused the guests as the invitation asked them to stay home rather than gracing the event with their presence. The fault was of the studio where the invitation was printed. The studio had forgotten to put the word ‘no’ in the poem which changed the whole meaning of the sentence. The invitation wanted to convey to the guests to “not forget” to come to the wedding. However, the absence of the word ‘no’ made it sound like the families of the bride and the groom wanted nobody at the venue.

The photograph of the invitation card with the text underlined was shared on Facebook by a meme page. The meme also had text below the photograph that translated to, “A wedding invitation card has arrived, and I can’t decide whether I should go or not.”

Wedding Card Tells Guests To Stay Home After Bizarre Printing Error, 'Tum Bhul Jana Aane Ko' | Viral News, Times Now

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