We are desperately in NEED of Platinum Vendors!

Hi, (visit my website for OUR meaning of Platinum Vendors!) http://www.destine2design.com/platinum-vendors/
I am currently looking for great referrals for my company Destine 2 Design. I constantly have clients asking if I can refer a Venue a Hair stylist a wedding coordinator a wedding planner...you get my drift!
My answer is lets Google it! lol. Not anymore! I have created a page on my site called Platinum Vendors, where I list in an organized fashion great vendors, venues etc. Handpicked by me of course!
*This is exclusively for vendors that work with the client’s budget.* Since all my clients set their budget first then we design…
The listing is free! Yahoo! But it is a very important list.
*You will also be required to link my website to yours.
*Your website very important (Please do not send me a site under construction. (Please have other customer testimonials for my clients to view.)Send over your phone# and your state.
You can send over a logo it has to be: 200x150 or we will pull it ourselves from your website and adjust it to size if chosen.
*If you are interested please send an email to info@destine2design.com *Please do not worry I have clients from every state so it does not matter if you are not in New York!
*I used to think that Stationary came last when planning an event...apparently not I have clients ordering stationary but didn't book the venue...LOL how funny! Any who! I look forward to meeting & greeting. (Most likely by phone or email) Ha!
*I do offer favors but not much so I would love for someone that specializes in event favors to reach out...my little collection is limited and it would be great if I can refer my clients to a great favor designer...
Feel free to send over samples of your work so my clients can touch and feel! I have had clients fly in just to touch and feel my invitations!
Our studio address is: 633 Hanover Place Mount Vernon, New York 10552

Love yah!
Smooches.... www.destine2design.com info@destine2design.com

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