When Julia and I began our Wedding Photography business we discussed that we would like everything that reflects our business to be designed and exicuted by us. That included our website, business cards, flyers, ads and any albums etc... We knew it would all be a learning process but we knew that we could do anything we put our minds to (It might take some time, but we could do it!) We desided a few weeks ago to redesign our website to better reflect our style. We now have a new found respect for graphic designers and web designers! This stuff is not easy! But alas we did it! Is it perfect? No, not yet, but it is well on its way!

This is our new Gallery page, each image is a link to a gallery. Our goal is to have our website consistant from page to page, it is still a work in progress but we are extreamly proud of where we have come! Just a short few months ago we were sisters with a dream to photograph couples on the biggest day of their lives together and today we can add graphic and web design to our list of growing tallents!

Much respect to all of you designers out there... Our hats are off to you!

Check us out at www.johnstonphotography.ca
(besides a few spelling errors and an inconsistant header... what do you think?

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