Our wedding clients give a great deal of thought to their venue selection, catering, outfits, photographer, and the all the fine details that make their day so special.

Here are a few suggestions to help you plan your wedding disco:

  1. Avoid resident DJ’s if you can.  You are less likely to get the most experience at the best price, the venue has a mark-up and the net pay to the DJ is lower, you get a “cheaper” DJ for more money.
  2. Think about where you will have the dance floor. Separate rooms are never ideal for getting the guests dancing, and the bar in a different room should be avoided.
  3. If you want background music at the Wedding Breakfast, think about a location where the DJ equipment can be placed without being moved, and not too close to any tables.
  4. Mood lighting adds a lovely atmosphere to the room, and the wedding disco, particularly if it has light walls or pillars.
  5. Provide the DJ with a schedule of timings for key events including details of any announcements you want made.
  6. Provide the DJ with a playlist of meaningful music – music which evokes memories, or takes you and your partner back to a particular place.  Think about what your guests will enjoy.
  7. Don’t be too prescriptive with the Wedding DJ – evenings have a tendency to change tempo, based on the guests and atmosphere. The DJ will read this, and may depart from the playlist to deal with it.
  8. Your wedding disco is unlikely to be continuous dance for the whole evening.  Sometimes it is, usually people will drift on and off the floor early on, until the last couple of hours when it really can pick up.
  9. Think about your first dance, second dance, and last dance.  They are all nicer if there is a personal touch.
  10. Don’t expect your guests to all dance without you.  It is a good idea to get on the floor and have a great time, they will follow you, its your Wedding!


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