Handing out Wedding Favors at your Wedding has been a tradition that has been around for many years.  Brides and Grooms normally hand out the favor at the end of the affair, when they say their goodbyes.  But there is no rule on what and when to give a wedding favor.  I have seen brides get creative through the years with how they present the favor.  Choosing a favor could be a lot of fun.  You can pick one that goes with the theme of your wedding or the season or holiday you get married on, or you can choose a practical favor that your guests can use over and over again.  Some more great favor ideas are foods, like chocolate, or cookies or even a small bottle of wine.  You can get real creative with wrapping them. Sometimes couples donate money to special charities.  Whatever favor you decide to give out I am sure your guests will love it, because it is a wonderful memory of a fabulous day. 

I personally prefer practical Wedding Favors.  I have attend many wedding and my favorite favors are the ones for my kitchen, like platters and bowls and oil bottles.  I use them all the time and remember the wonder time I had at each wedding.  Every favor I have is filled with wonderful memories and its like reliving the day again. 

So don't forget to end your affair with a great Wedding Favor that says "Thanks" for being a part of this joyous celebration.  Check out our Website for wedding favors that would look great in any home.  Your guests will thank you for it. 

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