Whoops, looks like junk mail! Someone one recently told me a story about throwing out a wedding invitation because she thought it was junk mail! Turns out the envelope was addressed by the bride on her computer. The computer address looked mass produced therefore she made a snap judgement and the invitation wound up in the trash along with the val-pack and the real estate solicitations.

As you can imagine, as a calligrapher, hearing this story that was music to my ears! I thought I would share it --

1. that's got to be good for business...but 2...if you don't hire a calligrapher, please address your wedding envelopes yourself. Even if your writing is not perfect...it's okay. Everyone you are inviting to your wedding knows you and loves you.

If you are short on time and worried about making mistakes or want a super professional look -- then hire a calligrapher. It's our job to make it perfect, beautiful and of course -- headache free for you!

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Comment by Soulful Engagements on January 31, 2010 at 12:08pm
That's interesting. Maybe it was the font that the couple used more than the fact that it was printed on the computer. We went through Papyrus for our invitations and used their printing services for our invitations. Their script font looked 100 times better than if I had handwritten them myself and none of our guests mistook it for junk mail.

Also, I would think the size, shape and material of the invitation would prevent people from thinking it was junk mail.
Comment by Jennifer Lane Events on February 5, 2010 at 7:27am
I agree with you about the self or professional addressing of the invites. I've done 1,700 weddings in my life and with all of the new ways of sending invites it's easy for people to lose, misplace or even throw away the invite. Not all invites, especially if custom created or hand made are the same size or weight of the traditional invites. Last year I had a couple wanting to cut costs so they decided on postcards as save the date. I insisted that we have their engagement pic's on the postcard so that people would understand what the postcard was. It used to be traditional for advertisers to send specials on postcards & people like me, too busy to deal w/ the junk mail would go to the mail box, quickly go through it & if it looks like junk mail, it's tossed on the way up the drive way & never makes it in the house. When people take the time to do handwritten or calligraphy addressing. I notice that it is important. Also brides, make sure that you've got the correct address' for your guests. Remember if you send STD's 9mos to a year before the wedding, that by the time that invites go out, a few of your guests may have moved, double check addresses again before you send invites, or you maybe adding more postage to send a few twice. Jennifer at A Memory Lane Event.

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