Wedding Photography and Live Stream Video Service to The Lovely Finnish Bride and Welsh Groom in Mayfair, Central London

What a fun-loving and friendly couple! This summer we provided our photography and live stream video service to the lovely Finnish bride and Welsh groom in Mayfair, central London.

Some couples have ideas in their minds and would love us to make their dreams come true. This is what we like to do - collaborate with our couples! These photos truly represent the couple's personality and chemistry. We are very happy with the outcome. It is also because the couple is very photogenic. Most importantly, they have a bunch of fun-loving guests as well!

The bride is a chef works for Finnish ambassador. We were so lucky to be able to take some special photos for her and her firefighter groom in the kitchen she works in.

We have took a photo showing the bride firing up some onion when the groom pretend getting ready to put out the fire! They both work with 'fire'! The groom's colleagues came with their special ceremonial uniform. And they have so much fun together!

The couple's Finnish family cannot come over to England. We helped them to do a simple live stream for their wedding ceremony on Facebook. Their online guests came online and congratulate them. It is ashamed the overseas guests cannot come over, but they received lots of blessings.

Their wedding ceremony was held in a luxurious house in Mayfair. We took their couple portraits in the Ambassador's Residence located in Kensington Palace Gardens, and their wedding banquet was held a stylish, quirky restaurant - Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill.

We wish them a happy married life forever. Hope that we can meet them up to take their lovely pregnancy and newborn baby photos in the future.

Feel free to take a look at our Facebook page, Vimeo page and our website to see their more photos.

Thank you


一些新人心中己有拍攝的念頭。找我們讓他們夢想成真。這就是我們喜歡做的事 - 與我們的情侶合作!這些照片真實地代表了這對夫婦的個性和愛。我們對成果非常滿意。其中是因為這對夫婦非常上鏡。最重要的是,他們還有一群愛玩的賓客!


這對夫婦的芬蘭家庭不能來英國。我們幫助他們在 Facebook 上為他們的婚禮做了一個簡單的直播。他們的在線賓客上網祝賀他們。外賓不能來到很是可惜,但他們仍得到了很多祝福。

他們的婚禮在Mayfair的一棟豪華房子裡舉行。我們在位於肯辛頓宮花園的大使官邸拍攝了他們的情侶照,而他們的婚宴就在諾丁山的一家時尚而古怪的餐廳——Beach Blanket Babylon 中舉行。


請隨時查看我們的 Facebook 頁面、Vimeo 頁面和我們的網站,以查看他們的更多照片。


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