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Wedding Planning Guide All Couples Should Follow

Planning a wedding can give you headaches if you do not have a checklist to help you remember everything that needs to be done. So, better start planning everything smartly in time to avoid any unpleasant situation that might ruin the big day. Here is a list of the things you need to consider while you are organizing your wedding.


·        Budget

Before you start planning anything you should better sit down for a talk with your partner and see what is the budget that you can afford for the wedding costs.

·        Choose a theme

Themed wedding parties are very trendy these days, there is a wide variety of ideas that you can choose from. It can be a vintage, bohemian, modern, lace ribbon, rustic or lavender theme. Go for whatever suits both your interests and budget.

·        Choose a date and location

Once you have decided on the theme for the party it should be easy to pick a location, choose the suitable one for it. For example, if you want a rustically themed party your location should be something like a barn or a garden. So, depending on what your decorations will be, the surroundings should match with them. As well, set the date and make sure you send the invitations in time so that the guests won’t plan anything that day.

·        Guest list

This step is a very important one, first of all, you have to consider your budget, do not invite too many people if your budget is not enough for all of them. Secondly, the wedding day is an amazing moment of your life, so choose only the most important people in your life to share it with.  After the guestlist is done, design invitations and make sure you send them.

·        Hire photographer, florist, band, and caterers

You need to know that this is going to require a lot of patience and time. Meeting everyone and making sure that he or she is the right choice for you and your preferences is going to be a bit stressful, but if you start taking care of it early in time, you can be more organized and relaxed.

·        Plan the honeymoon

After a long stressful period of only planning and going around everywhere to make sure it is all going just as you wish, you need to breathe and enjoy your time with your partner. Having a honeymoon after you are officially married is the best remedy for it. So, do not forget to plan your moments with your loved one as well.

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