Save the dates are the bride and groom's special way of sharing the exciting news of their engagement and providing the basic 411 for their intended guests and provides them ample time to mark their calendar and book travel arrangements at reasonable rates and costs, if need be.

I personally think that save the dates set the tone of your wedding and is a simplistic statement of what is to come. It  has become widely popular for bride and groom's to select save-the-dates that reflect their style, make a statement, or compliments their wedding theme.

There are a lot of save the date options but they are typically in paper form, however recently, magnet save-the-dates have exploded with popularity. Why? It has a utility function and is most likely to be utilized and kept by your guests as a wonderful keepsake symbolic of your wedding!

When it comes to wedding save the date magnets, I have a real treat for you! Let me introduce you to an awesome company that specializes in unique and creative save the date magnets in various shapes - you can save the date in style with I DO Magnets! This company is establishing themselves as a go-to company for uniquely shaped, quality wedding save the date magnets, which includes beautiful photo save the date magnets! Not only do they offer amazing products, but they are affordable and offer nice packaging with their products. {I am super excited about this company because when I purchased save the date magnets for my wedding in 2008, there were no options like this available in the market.} Just so you can see the range of products offered by this company, here are a few of my favorites picked from their website:


Which one is your favorite?

Here are a few awesome amenities I Do Magnets offers that just makes them irresistible to order from:

  • They offer a variety of unique shapes and designs that you typically will not find anywhere else (24+ distinct magnet shapes - with 8 new designs that launched this year!)
  • They offer you the option of creating your own unique save the date by uploading your own design or they will do a custom design for you - wait for it - AT NO CHARGE!
  • They offer "His & Her" sets, where you and your groom can each pick out your favorite save-the-date that reflects your unique style and personality. As well as the "Family & Friends" set, where you can select a variety of different shapes for your save the dates!
  • They offer FREE samples mailed to you with FREE SHIPPING!
  • Along with your lovely magnets, you will also receive magnet holders, decorative tissue paper & ribbon, and an envelope for each magnet at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

These are just a few of the amazing benefits of ordering from I Do Magnets. Don't just take my word for it - you can actually read customer reviews and feedback right on their site, at the bottom of each page under the magnet samples. Here is some feedback that I copied right from their site:

  • Morgan Coffey • 2 months ago - I absolutely loved the save the dates I got from you, two heart shape. They look even better than they did online, and the packaging is remarkable! It was all such a great price too. I couldn't be more satisfied!
  • Lindsay R. • 2 days ago - Hey I just my save the dates I love them thanks! Everyone is tickled by the baseball, football, sports team game ticket stub concept!
  • Beth B. • 4 days ago - Your magnets are flawless! GREAT! GREAT! JOB!!!! All are there and perfect! - Beth


Leave a lasting impression about your wedding "I Do's" with your friends and family by sending them a unique and custom shape save the date magnet from I DO Magnets! Not only will you wow your guests, but it'll give them something to look at and talk about long after you've walked down the aisle - it may even remind them to send you an anniversary gift :)



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