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Wedding Singers That Went on to Greater things

It’s every wedding singer’s dream to have a career doing what they love, but the odds of becoming famous are, quite literally - one in a million. With all the competition in the industry, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially as a beginning singer.

The hard truth is: not everybody is going to make it to the “big time.” But if you truly love to sing, it shouldn’t matter how big (or small) your audience is. There are dozens of ways to earn a living as a singer that don’t involve the walk of fame.

Whether you pursue theater, cruise ship, or amusement park gigs, at the end of the day everyone has to pay the bills. So how much can you actually earn in each of these career paths?

Careers and Incomes for Singers

Here is an infographic that shows a few of the exciting opportunities available for singers, as well as the average income of each. Click on the thumbnail below to expand the image.

There are more options than you might think!

As you can see, it’s far from impossible to make a living as a singer. So don’t be afraid to start pursuing your dream today, even if you’re still a beginner.

Just Getting Started?

This video highlights some of the best first steps you can take as a beginning singer. Follow the rules and suggestions presented by this vocal coach, and you’ll set yourself up for success.

Remember, reaching your goals is always harder when you’re doing it alone. Reach out for help if you need it. Connect with a local singing instructor or consult with a seasoned pro in your desired field.

With enough practice and determination, you’ll be reaching your goals before you know it.

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Comment by Dee Dee on December 5, 2018 at 12:04pm

If there are any budding singers reading this you should consider ways to promote yourself and get more work in lots of different environments - for many singing at weddings is the first step on an exciting journey with singing careers taking vocalists around the world to work in resorts, clubs, on cruise ships and join professional live groups.

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