Wedding Up Lighting | Ambient Lighting For The Wedding

Wedding up lighting is simply ambient lighting for the wedding reception. Strategically placed LED fixtures controlled wirelessly from the DJ booth, is a fantastic way to enhance the walls, ceilings and many points of interest as in the cake table, pillars or any architectural areas.

The fixtures are small in size yet have the ability to greatly enhance or just add a hint of color to a specific area. Many of the LED up lighting fixtures of today are battery powered and can last long after your event is over. Being fully battery powered they are very versatile and can be placed where access to electricity isn't practical.

Ambient up lighting has the ability of taking your venue to the next level by means of transforming the atmosphere into something more exquisite than other wedding venues. There are over 16 million color possibilities so being able to match your color scheme or compliment your bridal colors is far easier than the old outdated par can lighting.

Within seconds your wedding DJ has the ability to change the color and or the intensity of the color throughout the room. The lighting can remain "static" meaning never changing to creating "chase scenes" where the fixtures can change color slowly or fast and throughout the venue area.

Imagine as your wedding guests enter the room they are captivated by the beauty of the light matching your chair covers, table cloths or bridesmaids gowns. If done correctly this color can make your photographs come alive with color making them even more exciting to look at.

During dinner the up lights can dim to create an atmosphere more conducive for your guests enjoying their entrees while enjoying some very nice music in the background. At the conclusion of dinner as the wedding celebration begins to take off the lighting around the dance floor can change to the beat of the music or simply change slowly over time.

Slow or fast, intense or subtle, your entertainer has the ability to dramatically change the appearance of the dance area or perhaps the entire room. By carefully coordinating the music with the lighting he or she has the ability to work the dance crowd unlike any other wedding party.

We've talked about changing the appearance of the entire reception room but perhaps you are looking for something a little simpler. Maybe you would like to have just your head table up lit or the cake and cookie tables glistening with your color theme from under the table skirt.

LED up lighting is the answer and is inspiring more brides and grooms to make their wedding day all that it can be making their day the talked about wedding event for years to come.

Contact your DJ about wedding up lighting for some ambient lighting for the wedding event. You'll be glad you did.

DJ Rockin Steve is a full time professional Pittsburgh wedding DJ. For additional wedding articles and resources visit

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