InventHelp Review - Helping With Invention Ideas and Patents Since 1984

The team at InventHelp have been supporting new inventors for decades and offer an impressive range of services. Whether you’re just starting out on your first journey or you’re an experienced inventor, turning to these experts can help you get the results you’re looking for.

InventHelp takes confidentiality seriously, with all details about your invention idea kept private. Plus, the thousands of companies on their database that want to hear from new inventors are also bound by confidentiality agreements, so you’re protected even further.

Getting your invention patented

Since 1984, InventHelp has helped many inventors to develop their ideas into successful products. They provide assistance with all aspects of the invention process including packaging your idea, submitting it to companies, and providing low-cost patent referrals.

Getting your invention patented is an essential part of the journey, and InventHelp can help to get this in place by referring you to a fully qualified and experienced patent lawyer. This can provide you with a great deal of reassurance and peace of mind while you move forward.

Another way that InventHelp can assist is by helping you to sort out a prototype for your invention. This can make it much easier for potential investors and businesses to understand your invention and what it does.

InventHelp has a huge database of thousands of companies who are looking for new ideas in the field of inventions. By submitting your idea to these companies, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by avoiding the lengthy and complicated process of searching and contacting individual companies.Click Here To Follow in the Footsteps of Celebrity Inventors with InventHelp

Getting a prototype sorted out

Prototypes allow you to get your ideas in front of potential investors before they commit resources to manufacturing a product. They also help you test a design’s correctness before it goes into production, find design errors, and identify usability issues before they lead to customer complaints.

InventHelp is an established specialist provider with a long track record of helping new inventors on their journeys to success. They have a large presence throughout the United States and Canada, and their team is well-equipped to support you on your own invention journey.

The InventHelp team can offer practical assistance with a variety of processes on your first invention journey, including getting a prototype sorted and making sure that your idea is properly protected through a patent lawyer. This can help to make a big difference and is something that many first-time inventors often struggle with on their own. Get Result Working with InventHelp for Your New Invention: A Comprehensive Guide

Getting your idea in front of potential investors

Getting your idea in front of potential investors is an essential part of the invention process. The team here at InventHelp can help you to make the best impression possible on those interested in your product, and can also assist you with things like getting your prototype sorted out.

Having a tangible prototype means that others can see what your invention looks like and how it works. This can make it much easier for them to get on board with your concept and make it more likely that they’ll invest in you and your product.

Getting your idea in front of potential investors can be hard, but InventHelp has helped many people do it successfully. They have a network of thousands of companies in their Data Bank, so your idea can be submitted to those that are interested in it. More InventHelp Review: Helping with Invention Ideas and Patents Since 1984

Getting a high level of support

InventHelp has been around since 1984, and has worked with many inventors across the world. It has offices in 65 cities around the United States and Canada, with its main head office being in Pennsylvania.

They are a company that offers a high level of support to inventors and has a great reputation among them. This is due to their many decades of experience in helping inventors with their invention journeys.

Their support can range from practical assistance with key processes such as getting your invention patented and making prototypes to helping you get your idea in front of potential investors, and more. This can really make a difference to how you feel when you’re going through the process and helps to reduce the risk of giving up on your new invention goals.

In addition, InventHelp is committed to honesty and transparency. It does not practice underhand tactics such as making false promises or guaranteeing success to customers, and it operates under a strict code of confidentiality.


Q: How can InventHelp help me with my invention idea?

InventHelp can help inventors in a variety of ways, including conducting patent research to ensure your idea is unique, creating professional 3D renderings and prototypes of your invention, providing marketing and licensing assistance to help you bring your idea to market, and more.

Q: Is InventHelp a legitimate company?

Yes, InventHelp is a legitimate company that has been helping inventors bring their ideas to life since 1984. They have a strong reputation in the industry and have helped thousands of inventors successfully bring their ideas to market.


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