What You (or your MOH) Needs for the Wedding Day

There are a few tricks of the trade to helping the actual wedding day go smoothly. Some are obvious, some not so much. Some are SO obvious that you don't think you need to take note of them... but then at the end of the day some brides find they completely forgot. Here is a handy page of all the bits you need to gather together for the "Bride's Bag". If you are a smart bride, you will think to put things together for your army of minions... ahem... I mean bridesmaids. Mostly to make sure they are prepared, but also so that you have multiple people stationed throughout the nups and reception venue that have your back if you misplace your OWN bag of necessities.

Heads up anyone in the running for Maid Of Honor of the Year. Take notes. You will want to make sure you have your own special secret agent bag in case of a hiccup. Just sayin'...


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Comment by flower storegirl on March 29, 2014 at 4:10am

thanks for the information it will help me as my wedding date is approaching it will help be to prepare in advance..

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