What you should know about boudoir photography

Liesl Clark of Claris Photography has taken some beautiful boudoir photographs for many of our brides. I have always been curious to find out about the process, how each client feels about the experience and the end result. I asked Liesl to put together some images to give you an idea of how stunning and simple boudoir photography can be. I also asked her to explain the process from the photographer's point of view as well as her client's reaction. Here are a few examples to take a look at and some testimonials from past clients. Liesl also explains her approach.

Liesl Clark

In one way or the other, Boudoir Photography has been around for a long time and has been given many names. The idea to take these sexy and classy pictures before the wedding, either with a bridal related concept or not, and to offer it as a gift to someone you love is unique and wonderful. There truly is no better gift than the gift of onself. And while it takes a little bravery, some planning, and trust with the photographer, it is well worth every minute.

Planning for a successful Boudor shoot involves a few key factors to help the session run smoothly:

1. It is IMPERATIVE that you choose a photographer you are comfortable with. Having a female photographer can help you (and your significant other) feel more comfortable and will ease the initial tension. However, whether male or female, having a professional photographer who has experience is vital. Bring a friend if it helps calm your nerves as well.

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