For most couples, their wedding day will probably be the most expensive day of their life. So you may want to consider some guidance when spending that much money. 

You consult with an expert for advice when buying a house or going on a special vacation.  So why not consult with an expert when you are planning such an important day? If you haven't already, check out this earlier blog by Christine Boulton, "Do You Need a Wedding Planner? Would You Remodel Your Home Without...Christine made some great points for hiring a wedding planner when you are talking about one of the most important days in your life and spending that much money.  Hiring a wedding planner might seem like an extravagant extra, but it could be the best investment you make.

I think couples are reluctant to spend money on a wedding planner especially if they are working with a tight budget.  Other vendors that are hired for a wedding have tangible items to offer...things you can either see, hear, taste or feel; a, a dj... music, a caterer... food, photographer... pictures. Tangible items are not what planners are offering. But planners are the ones who pull the vendors, wedding party, guests, officiant and others together to make the day run seamlessly. Planners are also the ones to assist you with staying in your budget which in the long run could save you money

Wedding planners are the ones in the background taking care of all the details big and small, making sure the couple's wishes are being met, handling any unexpected situations, keeping everything on schedule and making sure everything flows without any hitches. Wedding Planners are there to keep the stress away from the bride, groom and their families so they will be able to enjoy their special day. I always compare wedding planners to a duck...always calm and unruffled on the surface but paddling like the devil underneath!

To me, a wedding planner should be the first one hired.  They have experience with many weddings and will be with you every step on the way to lend their expert advice.  A good wedding planner is not going to push their ideas on the couple.  They are going to carry out and support the ideas that the couple has for their wedding day.  

Typically, at It's Your Party we first meet with the couple to understand the ideas they have for their wedding day.  We find out exactly what they have envisioned for their wedding day.  Then we make suggestions on ways to bring their vision to life.  At It's Your Party, we put our couple's wishes first.  If we have had experience with something that was a great idea, we will share it. And on the other hand, if we feel something is not going to work, we will also share that information as well.  But the final decision will be left up to the couple.

It's Your Party has worked with brides for up to a year prior to their wedding day.  We have also planned a wedding in a matter of weeks....5 to be exact!  For that wedding, we pulled together vendors rentals, decor, etc. for the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and wedding reception.  It turned out to be one of our favorite weddings. This was all done with a couple who lived in another state.


A wedding planner is going to have a list of vendors that they know and trust to do the best job possible.  Once we had a DJ who had to cancel a month before the wedding for unforeseen reasons.  We were on the phone immediately calling another DJ so that when we spoke with the bride the next day there would be someone else in place.  We  wanted the stress to be minimized for the bride and groom. Another wedding we coordinated, the bride's mother had hired someone to drive the guests between the hotels and ceremony site.  There was a mix up at the rental company, which was not under our contract. So we hustled and drove guests from the hotels to and from the ceremony site in our personal vans.  This was all kept away from the bride, groom and their families so not to interfere with their special day.  These are just a few of the rather extreme examples that can happen when a wedding planner is definitely a plus.  

There are always things that come up prior to and day of a wedding that a wedding planner handles to keep the stress away from the bride and groom.  At It's Your Party, our goal is to learn your story, your style, your vision; then design and implement a wedding unique to you and incredibly beautiful. 

If you hired a wedding planner please share your experience.  We love hearing from our readers.  If you enjoyed this post, please share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Thank you, It's Your Party! 

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