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Why Pre-Wedding Private Dance Lessons Will Not Leave You Indifferent

A wedding is probably one of the best days in the life of every girl. This is what she dreams of since childhood, imagining the prince and the dress in which she will marry him. Perhaps she even developed custom writings of her dreams.

Your big day is coming up! That’s right, your wedding is almost here. You spent weeks picking a dress, months visiting venues, and hours trying out cakes. But what about dance lessons?


Go to the Lessons Together

The first dance is a magical moment that you want to go as smoothly as possible. Ballroom dancing lessons can help you to feel comfortable and confident in hitting the floor with your new honey. What do you need to know about these classes before you begin? Take Classes Together Everyone has a busy schedule.

Between work and planning your wedding, actually getting to dance lessons may seem tricky. That said, you both need to take class—together. Why? Unless you’re a ballroom pro, leave the teaching up to the experts. They have years of experience helping non-dancers to learn new steps.

Dance class is also a way for the two of you to connect. This is important any time, but especially during the high-stress pre-wedding time. Taking an hour here or there to dance together gives the two of you time to relax, have fun, and bond in ways that your daily life might not offer.


Tips for Beginner Dancers

  • Dress the Part

Okay, so you’re not going to show up at the studio wearing your white dress. But you can wear shoes similar to the ones you’ve picked for your wedding day. If you get used to dancing in flats, suddenly switching to 4-inch heels may throw you off—literally. Try to practice in the most realistic way possible, including the proper footwear.

  • Keep It Private

It’s completely normal (and expected) for you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when it comes to your dancing skills. You’re not a ballroom all-star, and that’s okay.

Instead of feeling the pressure to succeed in front of a class of 10, choose private lessons. Going the private route gives you the chance to learn, without worrying what other people think about your dancing skills. Private ballroom dancing lessons also give you all of the attention that you need. Instead of competing with half a dozen other couples for the instructor’s attention, he or she will be completely focused on you.

  • Have an Open Mind

You’ve picked a song and have a general idea when it comes to how you want your dance to look. Let the pro guide you when it comes to the specific type of dance you’ll do. The expert teacher may have ideas that you haven’t even thought of.

Let the instructor give you options, and then pick which one is right for you. You’re not a super-star dancer. That’s okay. With a few private dance lessons you (and your spouse-to-be) can learn the basics and build skills that will make your first dance as man and wife supremely special...

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