Why Should You Use a Professions Travel Consultant

I would like to share a story of some travelers that would have had a much different travel experience if thay had not used a travel consultant.

An associate was working with a couple traveling from their home town to California to go on a cruise. They had booked their own airfare. When they got to LAX their connecting flight was canceled due to mechanical failure. The airline was able to get them on a flight the next morning, but all the hotel accomodations and transfers had to be changed. They called my associate to let her know of their delima and asked if she could help. She was able to get all the transfers and hotel arrangements changed and all cancellation fees waived. She was also able to get one extra night at the hotel they preferred at no additional cost.

The clients did not buy travel insurance so they would have had to pay for all the additional changes, but because of this travel professionals contacts and experience her clients made their cruise and enjoyed a relaxing extra night at their perferred hotel without paying any extra.

Professional travel consultants do not charge for their services as they are paid by the vendor suppliers. Many people do not realize this and feel that they will get charged for the service offered. By booking travel on your own you risk being left to blow in the wind if anything should go wrong with your trip. Sure you may be getting a "bargin", but you will not get any additional service once you have paid for your trip. By using a travel concultant you not only get the best prices available, but you also get any assistant you may need all through your trip. Basically you are covered from the time you step out of your door until you return home again.

Professional travel consultants are constantly going through training. All the cruise and resort suppliers offer ongoing training to travel consultants so that we are up to date on the latest happenings and additions to travel. Travel orginazitions such as CLIA, NACTA, OSSN and IATA offer ongoing training through webinars and travel events. Without the proper credintials a travel consultant cannot operate.

Elizabeth Keating-Weeks

Southern Breezes Travel

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist

Cruise Specialist & All-Inclusive Resort Specialist

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