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Wow your guests with these wedding favours

Hello brides! If you are trying to find some unique favour ideas for your wedding, then you are in the right place. Look no further because help is at hand, here we have gathered together some of the most amazing favour ideas that will keep your guests talking even after your wedding.

Memories fade, guests get exhausted, but the wedding favour is the one that will remind them of this special event. The wedding favours are your chance to thank your family members and friends for taking part in this amazing event from your life. This is your opportunity to get creative, and if you are not, do not worry, because with a little help you will give a push to your creativity.


Artisan goods

Supporting your local community is a great action. The best way to do it is to collaborate with them as often as you can, and your wedding offers you the opportunity to do it multiple times. You can ask them to offer catering services for your wedding reception, you can buy flowers from them, and you can have your dress designed by a local tailor. Why looking somewhere else for wedding favours? Your local artisans can offer you everything you need, from soaps to olive oil and honey. They all can be some amazing wedding favours. And where you count that they are usually sold in beautiful glass jars.

Share them your love for salsa

When we say salsa we do not refer to the dancing style, we suggest you to offer salsa sauce jars. They can dip the food in the sauce at the wedding, or they can take the spicy sauce home and remember your wedding every time they use it. In addition, if you are a fan of Mexican parties, then salsa should play all night, get your wedding guests in the fiesta mood.

Bubbles for everyone

Champagne is the best beverage for weddings, it gives people that special event vibe. Help your guests take the party at home with some mini-bottles of champagne. Choose different champagne flavours for men and women they will appreciate it.

Every girl should catch a bouquet

Weddings are the perfect occasions for the women who want to get married soon to grow their chances by catching the bouquet. Or at least this is what people say. But if you want to make all your guests happy you should offer all female guests a mini bouquet. You can make the bouquets yourself from the flowers you receive on the ceremony. On the other hand, if you are too busy with getting ready for the reception, you can ask your bridesmaids to take flowers from the bouquets and wrap them in butcher paper. So rustic, so fancy, so unique!

Give your décor away

Are you tight on budget? Then you can save money if you find a double use to the decorations and centrepieces you use for the ceremony and reception. You can use succulents instead of centrepieces on the tables, and at the end of the night, you can offer one to every guest.

Drunk in love favours

Get your guests in the mood for party with some mini wine bottles. Tie with ribbon a Drunk in Love tag to every mini bottle. They will take the paper home, and they will taste the wine at the wedding. Or who knows, they will take it home to keep it as a memory from your event. To make this moment more interesting play Beyoncé’s song Drunk in Love to mark the start of the party.

Grow some love

If you are a year ahead with the wedding preparations, then you can start growing potted succulents to offer them as favours to all your guests. You not only that offer them something to remember, but you invite them to grow a plant, grow some love. Everyone loves succulents these days; they are perfect for being used as decorations at home, at the office, and even in public places. Help your guests cheer up their houses with some green, easy to care plants.

Give a sugar note to the party

Are you known as the queen of sweets? Then do not disappoint your guests, they expect to taste sweets during your wedding. Take it a step further and warp the sweets in organza birthday bags. They will have a smile on their face when they will get home and will have something sweet to stop the hangover they will experience the day after the wedding. You can never go wrong with sweets and candies, contact your favourite bakery and ask them to bake some samples of your favourite cookies.

Paper fans for hot days

Are your friends known for being the heart of the party and dancing all night long? Then get your heels off, get some sneakers on, and have some paper fans prepared for the moments when people will want to cool off. Paper fans are also a great idea for destination weddings; they can be customised with pictures of the place where you will have your wedding.

Bottles of wine

No, these ones are not mini bottles they are full bottles. And do not worry, you will not get broke if you offer your guests this type of wedding favours. This is the perfect idea for a small wedding, or for a wedding that is organised in a vineyard. These are some of the most amazing wedding favours; people will ever receive at a wedding. Pack them in a festive way to highlight the importance of the event.

Escort cards

This is another idea that can help you save time on your table arrangements because you can place the escort cards on mini-vases of flowers. It is a win-win situation, because your guests will know where to sit, and will get home something personalised with their name. If you find some mini jars on the market, they can be the perfect replacements for vases, put a flower in every mini jar and you have a simple but stylish wedding favour

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