You’re Not Done After the Reception: How to Write a Good Wedding Gift Thank You Card

It’s absolutely normal to feel like you can finally stop and catch your breath after your wedding is over. After months—or in some cases, even years—of planning, everything has finally taken place and you are now happily married. Before you move on completely, though, you do need to write thank you cards for the gifts you received. Doing so is easy, but doing so well requires taking a few extra steps.

Use Personalized Note Cards

The first step in creating a great thank you card is to make sure that it looks special. One of the many things you need to do before the big day is to get some great personalized note cards that can be used for this occasion. Not only will the cards look great, but they can actually be kept as a memento of the big day.

Be Specific

Next, make sure that you are specific in your thanks. If your guest gave you a gift, make sure to mention that gift in your note. If the guest gave you cash, you can refer to the gift a little more vaguely—referring to it as ‘the card and your gift’ is usually a good idea. This will show the guest that you took the time out of your day to remember exactly what they gave to you.

Be Grateful

It’s also important to make sure that you actually sound grateful in your gift. Thank the other party and talk about how you will use the gift if appropriate. Most guests want to know that you actually care about the things that you were given, so spend a little bit of time reassuring them that you really do care about the gift.

Get Them out Quick

Finally, get your notes out quickly. A good thank you note should go out fast enough that the guests know you actually remembered to send them out. While you certainly don’t need to spend your entire honeymoon doing thank you notes, it’s generally a good idea to start working on them as soon as you get back home. The faster you get a note out, the more appreciative you will seem.

A good thank you note isn’t really all that hard to write. Use a personalized note, be specific, be thankful, and be quick. If you can follow those basic tips, your guests will understand how important their gifts were to you.

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