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Your invitation serves as an important guide for your wedding guests. Not only does it include information such as the hosts, date, time and location of the ceremony, it also sets the style for your wedding. So select a design and wording for your invitation to reflect your personality! At "I Do" Wedding Favors ( you can see a proof of your invitation online with the ink color and wording you select. Mail all of your invitations on the same day four to six weeks before your wedding date. We encourage you to have your ensemble weighed at the post office for proper postage. Postage will vary depending on the invitation size, the weight of paper and number of enclosure cards.

Once you have finalized your guest list, here's how to determine the number of invitations to order: Send one invitation per couple. If the couple has children under the age of 18, include the names of the children on the invitation. Send separate invitations to people over the age of 18, even if they are living with their parents. Send invitations to single friends and note on the inner envelope only whether they may bring a guest. Include 25 extra invitations with your original order to cover last-minute guest list additions or addressing mistakes. It's much more cost-efficient to order 25 extras initially than to place a new order for 25 invitations. Extra invitations can become keepsakes for your memory album and for your parents and grandparents.

Thinking about making your own invitations? If you are artistically inclined and are aware of the time and costs involved in making your invitations from scratch, creating your own invitations is a special way to introduce your wedding. However, it's a myth that making your own invitations will be less expensive than having them professionally printed. After the purchase of the paper, all components (layers, ribbons, stamps, inks, embossers, hole punches), ink cartridges and envelopes, you won't have saved much at all. And that isn't even counting the relative cost of the time it will take you to print and assemble each one. Overall, invitations made on home computers and printers tend to look less professional and therefore less formal than professionally printed ones. Professional printers can offer you raised or engraved lettering, a wide variety of lettering styles and ink colors and even rush service, if necessary.

Today, wedding invitations are a reflection of the formality of the wedding, the theme of the event and even your personal style. Choose a design and wording that will give guests an idea of the style of the event and even allude to the proper attire. White or ecru paper printed in black ink are traditionally the most formal wedding invitations. Beyond this, invitations may hint at the color scheme of the wedding by the color of a foil-embossed design, border or ink color.

At "I Do" Wedding Favors, you can choose from 6 major invitation lines to find the perfect invitation for you. See and click on "Invitations and Programs".

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