I started Big Day Song with the idea of using my passion for songwriting to make your "Big Day" memorable and allow you to give a unique and lasting gift. Big Day Song is about your day, your life, your relationship. It is the perfect gift for someone you care about for an engagement, wedding, anniversary or birthday.

I got the idea for Big Day Song when I was writing a song called "Supposed To Do" for my last album. What am I supposed to do is the burning question? I have always had this burning desire to do something more in life. What ignites me from the core is music. What keeps the flame going is you, the friend, the fan, the client. If I can make someone think. If I can make someone feel, my job is done. That is what I strive to do with every song I write. You can hear the song that inspired Big Day Song at : www.briandavidband.com

I wrote my first song called “That Day” about the day my father came back from the doctors office to tell me that my mother may not live to see me graduate from High School. I fell in love with songwriting at that very moment and haven't stopped writing since. I have always strived to put a level of emotion and intensity in every song I write and can't imagine my life without the gift I have been given. Music is such an expression of yourself. In the last year since I have started Big Day Song, I have gotten more out of music then I have ever gotten before. To write a song for someone telling their story and then hearing how excited they are to hear it the first time, is pretty cool.

After answering some questions about how you met, what you love about your signficant other, some funny or quirky things they do I will write, compose and record your song with acoustic guitar and your favorite instrument if requested as long as it is not the kazoo.

I will also give you a copy of "Your Song" on CD and an MP3 file if requested.

I write all songs on the acoustic guitar in the vain of artists I am influenced by like Howie Day, The Fray, Jason Mraz, David Gray, Emerson Hart(Tonic), Matt Nathanson and Dave Matthews. With Big Day Package #3 I add special percussion and bass guitar to make a more impactful song.

No matter what your budget, I can tell your story in the form of a song. As the Packages get higher in price, the production quality goes up. The platinum package is a fully produced song with a full live band, mixed and mastered to be a radio quality recording.

One bonus I add with all songs is that you will also receive a special framed plaque with the lyrics, the CD displayed and a spot for your favorite photo together.

Songwriting has been a passion of mine for almost 20 years now. I can't wait to write a personal song for you that will always forever truly be "Your Song". I strive to put every ounce of passion into every “Personal Story Song” I write. After reading your questionnaire I look to find the things that are most important to you as a couple and make a song that is memorable and expresses the unique love you have for each other.

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