4 Socially-Distant Honeymoon Ideas for Newlyweds

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has postponed a lot of weddings, and the weddings that were not postponed have been very small or done virtually. However, what happens when it is time for newlyweds to go on their honeymoon? It never hurts to start planning a safe, healthy honeymoon as you wait for the cases in your region to decrease. To help you get started, here are four socially-distanced honeymoon ideas for newlyweds.

Stay at A Local Resort

If you are not looking to travel out of your state, you can always look into local resorts that are safely open for business. You have the opportunity to enjoy all the amenities offered by the resort, such as a swimming pool, hot tub, game room or lounge. Of course, you can also spend some time in your luxurious room with your new spouse.

Take A Helicopter Tour

Another option is to rent a sightseeing helicopter charter for a few hours. It is only going to be the two of you and your pilot in the helicopter, so you can rest assured this is going to be a safe activity. Explore the area from the skies, snap a few photographs and take in the sights with your spouse. It is the perfect honeymoon activity for sightseeing, keeping your distance and enjoying the company of your loved one.

Plan A Week of Camping

Why not take off for a few days by planning a camping trip for your honeymoon? It gives you and your spouse the opportunity to get away without worrying about crowds. Imagine the fresh air, beautiful scenery and glimpses of wildlife as you spend several days on campgrounds. You can rent an RV for your camping trip or pitch a tent to sleep under the stars.

Rent A Local Cabin

Are you looking for an alternative to a resort or RV? One idea is to rent a local cabin in or near the area. There are several companies that are offering clean cabins away from the crowd and noise that can put a damper on your honeymoon. You may want to stay in a cabin near a clear lake, the gorgeous mountains, or a quiet village. It is a great way to experience a peaceful environment by day while cuddling in a warm bed at night.

If you take all the proper precautions, consider your interests and think outside the box, you can easily plan a socially-distanced honeymoon that is full of fun memories.

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