Meteorites are slowly becoming a popular stone option for people who are interested in unique and stylish ring settings. Customers value these rings for their natural beauty and grace, as there are no other rings that are truly like them. Meteorite wedding rings are composed of the Gibeon meteorite, which is a fine octahedrite iron meteorite that flamed up in the atmosphere and landed in modern day Namibia. This meteorite is unique in that it is composed of several defining alloys and elements, most notably iron and nickel. It was originally derived from an extinct planet's core several billions of years ago, and it features distinct crystalline pattern that can only be found in meteorites.

Meteorite can be inlayed in Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Black Zirconium and Damascus Steel in many widths and finishes. Meteorite can also be inlayed in precious metals such as platinum and gold.

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