What do you find is your best advertisement.....bridal expos, website, facebook, etc.?

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I have found my website has had the most traffic and inquires from.  I have set it up with google as well so when people are looking in my area my company will pop up.  I also have a twitter and facebook but I notice people look at that after the website. 

Erin Saxton-Jobin

I would have to say that my website, www.draperscatering.com, is my best advertisement as well.  It seems that every time we do a bridal show, I see brides with whom I've already spoken or I hear something like "oh I saw that on your website."  Brides are going to the internet first because they can access it anywhere...home, work, school, phones.  Bridal shows and magazines are not as easy to come by and facebook, although I do believe that this is changing, is usually an after thought.  Many consumers are still getting used to the idea of checking out a business's facebook page to see what's going on.

My website :).  I do my SEO with keywords for the local communities and for what I do...and it works!!

My best advertisement, I think, is facebook.. which leads people to my website. When I do a new shoot, I post it on both, but most people come to the website through facebook. You can also "Friend" all of the vendors in your area, and I don't know the etiquette in the US, but here in Chile we all tag each other in photos so everyone they know sees the link too! I'm definitely reaching a lot more people that way.
I have gotten most of my business from craigslist.

My blog is fairly new, but I am hoping that this will be my main advertising going forward.

I have invested alot of time in it, so hoping it will pay off :)


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