To my fellow wedding planners: Is there a website or something that you use to generate bridal leads? I have just moved locations and because of where I moved I can cover a lot more of the state, any suggestions?

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Hi Lindsey,

I'm a photographer in Australia with the same question. This year I'll be focussing my marketing efforts on the internet so only a few months ago started signing up to get leads from websites of brides-to-be.

So far though, I've received a lot of enquiries but no bookings. These enquiries are sent to 10 suppliers at the same time. I've heard that these type of leads don't work well but I've only been using the free leads so far.

I'd be very interested to know if any of these website leads work.
I'm not a wedding planner, just a vendor, and my business is brand new. But here are some areas I consider having high potential - open to hearing your thoughts on these as well!

* hold an event, either on your own or with other great vendors
* attend one of the high end bridal shows in NY, and try to stand out
* consider advertising on brand new iphone wedding planning application - I'm eyeing this one for sure
* make sure when you advertise that your ads are super professional and follow the 5 marketing steps (see also Christine's article on this:
* your own blog?

looking forward to everyone's thoughts
I have had success with and

I've used and had no success. Not that it's a bad site, they just never send leads. I think I've received two in a year and a half. Maybe another city/area would generate more leads? (I'm in Cleveland, Ohio) also has a zero success rate with me. I receive TONS of leads from this website, I purchase them and contact the brides, but never receive ANYTHING back. I'm getting to the point where I wonder if these leads are even legit, and I've stopped responding to the leads they send. They also automatically charge your credit card when your lead purchasing funds are low. I don't like that either, I'd rather choose when I add funds. Decidio and Eventective both let you choose when you want to re-up your funds, they don't just automatically charge your credit card.

Hope this helps! :)
Thanks for all the great advice!!
hey there I use wedding wire they are AWESOME for networking with fellow vendors this site also offers a bridal forum that we can participate in. I have just started using this site gives you the leads you have the option of purchasing them (2 bucks or so) *be careful I personally only recommend taking the ones that have email and phone numbers* the very good thing about this too is that if the lead does not pan out you can request a refund. is another site it supplies FREE leads. I hope this helps.
I'll be checking out those great leads & hoping they are applicable for Australia.
I think paying for advertising is more of a networking thing with other vendors and friendships with people in the industry, I have seen over and over again that it does not generate leads and best place is social networking, word of mouth and understanding and targeting your ideal client. I like the advice
tofurious has for photographers especially with his story.
Make sure you check out I've booked 2 brides from the site in recent past.
I've found it's well worth advertising in LOCAL online directories. I'm also in Australia, and I haven't had anywhere near as many leads from nationwide directories as I have from more specific local ones.

If you try googling wedding directory +your state you should get some good contacts.

I'm also currently building up a lot more social media marketing using Facebook and Twitter - they really do work once you can get your fan and follower numbers up. Try running a blog on your website and update it regularly to engage with your follows - keep reminding them to check back with your page!

Best of luck.
Someone mentioned WW (WeddingWire) as a great place to generate bridal leads. I agree I have been on there for years and enjoy both forums (vendor and bridal).
Have you looked at joining The Association for Wedding Professionals International? I am a destination wedding celebrant and planner, and I have found their association very useful.


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